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Over 60s’ Singing

Rediscover old favourites and learn new songs. Emphasis is on building confidence and enjoyment. No experience required.

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Who is this course for

This course is designed for anyone over 60 who enjoys singing, or thinks that they might enjoy singing. Most of the singing is the whole group together, but there is sometimes the opportunity to sing solo. No previous knowledge/experience or skill is expected.

What does this course cover

The aim of the course is to provide enjoyment and mental stimulation, and to encourage good singing habits (particularly posture and breathing).

The material used includes songs from medieval to modern, ranging from folk songs, classical songs by Mozart, Schubert, etc, opera choruses, songs from shows to musicals. Some songs are well-known, others more demanding but always manageable! Aspects of good vocal technique are introduced in warm-up exercises and when they occur in songs. Musical notation is also introduced, and discusses when appropriate but it is not at all necessary to read music.
1. Sing a wide range of songs with confidence.
2. Experience and have a basic understanding of singing process.
3. Understand basic music notation.
4. Sing in other languages.
5. Experience the blending of voices in ensemble singing.
6. Sing simple two or three part harmony, and sing without accompaniment.

What will it be like

The songs are taught mostly by rote, with written handouts to aid the memory. There are also handouts to cover technical points about music notation, and pronunciation of French, Latin, German and Italian.

Each session begins with warm-up activities and voice development exercises.
Informal self-assessment, and by tutor's observations on the group's performance and progress.

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What this course could lead to

Choir or solo-singing classes for beginners. Tutor will advise.


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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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