Creative painting projects focusing on techniques, processes & materials.

Who is this course for

This course is open to:
- Beginners, improvers and returners
- Students who attend other courses in the Mary Ward Art Dept
- Access students building portfolios for application to higher education

What does this course cover

The following points outline the main emphases of the course programme.

* Paint properties, techniques, styles and application
* We use traditional materials as well as less traditional ones - such as sand straw, earth etc. Some of the projects are for 1 week only, others will last over two weeks. We will also explore the use of photography, text and collage in painting.
* Inventiveness will be encouraged, rather than just pure representation
* We will look weekly at the work and working methods of established artists.
* You will also be encouraged to consider the cultural social and personal aspects of the work you do.

1. Improve basic drawing and painting skills
2. Use a range of art materials and approaches
3. Begin to recognise the expressive possibilities in both 'art' and 'non art' materials
4. Join group discussions and develop more confidence in talking about art

The course can be taken for a single term or as a 3 term course where initial knowledge and experience is consolidated and development encouraged.

Returning learners will be helped to understand how to explore ideas and develop own subject matter and set personal objectives.

What will it be like

Provision of opportunities for students to get practical experience in the studio. This includes an encouragement of experimentation - where the student may try a number of approaches to 'see what happens' while seeking a visual solution to an idea.

Students receive regular feedback and advice, one to one and as a group. Tutor presentations, handouts and references will support the practical element of the course.

Progress will be assessed in tutorials on a one to one basis where students will be encouraged to inform the tutor about any areas where they feel they would like more time or development.

What else do you need to buy or do

At the beginning of the course, we give time to consider materials you will need, and sources and costs of these. Generally we use acrylic paint although is possible to use oils (with care!). Some other materials such as papers, glues etc will also be supplied by us, but you may have to bring in particular materials from time to time. The tutor will inform you of these in advance.
It is useful to keep a sketchbook and you will be encouraged to use it every week, and also to visit exhibitions.

What this course could lead to

Other courses in the department or elsewhere
Foundation and Pre-Foundation courses.
Degree courses in Fine Art.
Tutor will advise

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