Painting And Drawing On Location – Weekend

An intensive course set in the varied environs of London which will focus on the city's urban landscapes. Make art influenced by the fascinating contrast between fine buildings in their setting and the desolate grungy post-industrial landscape.
First meeting is at The Mary Ward Centre, 42 Queen Square.

Who is this course for

(Course formerly known as 'Out and About') No previous knowledge or experience is necessary for this course, the teaching methods will often be on a one-one basis within the focus of a particular class, the nature of the class, being in off-site locations each day, lends itself to successful mixed ability teaching.

What does this course cover

The aim of the course is to enable each student to have a relaxed & creative attitude towards keeping and using a sketchbook, and deciding where might be good places & areas to use it. Each student should also have a clear knowledge of the range & diversity of sketchbooks & materials available; and be aware of ways they could use the work in their sketchbook to develop their creative practice

What will it be like

The course meets in a different venues and a wide range of subject matter will be covered: museums, galleries, cafes, parks, churches, stations
Source material will always be observational.
The course will introduce different approaches to drawing in a sketchbook, including considered drawings lasting some time, and the collecting of quickly gathered, fleeting information, the place and value of notation, and the use of colour.
Each session will be structured around a particular concept, media, skill or approach; within that, one to one discussion & teaching will be the prevalent method. Every session will end with a short peer group appraisal and discussion which aims to develop students' confidence in their critical & analytical skills, and in their own work. Topics and ideas will be supported by contextual references to the work of other artists, or other relevant information.
One to one appraisal and discussion, and the regular group appraisal at the end of each class provide the opportunity for feedback.

What else do you need to buy or do

To begin the course you need to have an A4 sketchbook, a selection of pencils between 9H- 9B . (you don't need the whole range). One or two pens such as edding 1800, or uniball, any 'fineliner' one or two nib widths. An eraser & pencil sharpener, and any other preferred drawing tools.

What this course could lead to

Many students continue with this class over several terms and also go on to do other courses. Specific examples of progression have been: many students go on to other courses at the MW centre & elsewhere, especially the Foundation & pre Foundation courses, with one student going on to study MA drawing at Wimbledon; other students repeat the course, or rejoin it, simply for pleasure & to gain confidence in working in exterior & interior public locations; several students have also done the course knowing they were soon to embark on significant personal journeys to far flung places, aiming to gain confidence & experience in drawing in sketchbooks.

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I've been to many Centres to study in London and the Mary Ward Centre is one of the nicest I've studied in.

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