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Painting: Seeking Personal Expression

Experimentation with shape, colour and texture to develop the individual artist within. A painting workshop suitable for all levels. This course aims to give students the space, time and guidance to discover what painting can be and where, if anywhere, it fits to life's experience, how we see the world and how much it may have more formal, aesthetic considerations.

Who is this course for

No previous knowledge or experience is necessary for this course, but it would suit the student who is willing to openly explore painting as a language that might not necessarily be descriptive or merely the imitation of things or styles.

What does this course cover

This course aims to give students the space, time and guidance to discover what painting can be and where, if anywhere, it fits to life's experience, how we see the world and how much it may have more formal, aesthetic considerations.

I am keen that the unique and less categorised qualities of an individual's vision and imagination should be encouraged. Except, that is, where the student is a complete beginner or may wish it, in which case a structured way would be offered, the aim will be to guide students in finding the
imagery and ways of working which suits them. As students seek their means of expression, the necessary skills and information would be provided by the tutor. Many students join both the morning and the afternoon class. They are run as one.

These will vary from individual to individual, the main aim of the class being to assist students in the discovery and development of their own individual language of visual expression. Key to this is the
acquisition of the following attitudes:
1. A capacity to be surprised at what develops in one's work.
2. Fresh insight into possibilities for visual expression.
3. A critical attitude towards the more obvious cliches in creating

The means towards achieving these three objectives will vary but for most it involves the development of paintings from sketchbook drawings using objective study and subjective expression.
The process might include any of the following:
- exploration of colour
- creation of more severe minimalist work
- exploration of the descriptive world through still life and interiors
using different materials from charcoal to water colour.

For a beginner, there could be a more structured programme, for instance, exploration of colour and tone to include:
- aerial perspective
- complementary colour
- warm and cool tones
- using colour to create mood and feelings.

What will it be like

A personal and flexible approach to encourage the particular and unique qualities in each student. Depending on the particular amount of experience each student has, a programme for the six weeks will be initiated. A taste of the possible directions the language of painting could take will be possible within this short course.

It is difficult to assess a student's 'progress' in painting as 'success' in the matter of painting is indefinable, nevertheless, a freshness of approach and a willingness to relook and rethink during the course would be considered by the tutor to be progress.

What else do you need to buy or do

The Tutor keeps a supply of pigments/colours, brushes etc for students. Paper is available from the Centre, or from various artists materials shops around the area.

None, but where a particular direction is encouraged for the student a request for extra work outside the class and study at particular galleries and museums will often arise.

What this course could lead to

There are a number of other courses available at the Centre in art and craft. Many students complete more than one year in this course. Others may use it to build up a portfolio for entrance to art school. I would hope that the student helped by me would feel there is something worth exploring in themselves with relation to and through painting.

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