Personal Fashion Styling

Learn the tools to develop and manage your personal style. This course will look at style techniques, accessories and colour to enhance your image.

Who is this course for

This course is designed for women wishing to develop their personal fashion style or those wanting to revamp their image to a style of dressing that suit their life style. The course is also ideal for those returning to work after a long absence or illness and may wish to create a new image. No previous knowledge of fashion is necessary however a willingness to participate in group exercise and an openness to embrace change is required.

What does this course cover

An introduction to a range of techniques and tips used to achieve a personal fashion style to suit your body image and life style. We will explore 'what is style?' - looking at iconic women of style to modern day celebrities and identify the different 'styles' that we use, for example classic, elegant, bohemian.

We will look at dressing for our body shape and identify what style, cut and shape of garments best suit our shape. We'll explore how these elements cut, shape, fabric weight, colours and patterns impact on our shape.

We will explore the techniques and tricks of fashion styling used to make the most of your wardrobe by co-ordinating outfits and adding accessories or key fashion pieces to dress-up or dress-down

We will look at injecting colours in your wardrobe using colour scarves to demonstrate how colour can enhance your skin tone creating brightness and approachability.

At the end of the course/workshop students will be able to know how to dress for their body image; co-ordinate a wardrobe and add accessories to enhance their style. Go shopping with confidence, with a list of essential items that will match and co-ordinate with other items.

- Recognise what styles and cut of garments best suit your body image.
- Develop a list 'what to wear' essential items for own body shape.
- Be able to co-ordinate a number of outfits from items in your wardrobe.
- Be able to use accessories to 'dress up' or 'dress down' an outfit.
- Understand the basis rules of adding colour to our wardrobe.

What will it be like

There will be a series of lectures and explanation supported by imagery and visual demonstrations. One-to-one teaching, hands on practical examples and group discussions. Handouts will be available for style tips and techniques also a range of style websites for current fashion ideas and tips. Practical exercises will be carried out to support learning and assess your progress. Some basic note / form filling will be required

What else do you need to buy or do

Students will be asked between sessions to go through their wardrobe preparing a list of items, to be used to complete a capsule wardrobe. Students will also be encouraged to bring along items of clothing/accessories to the session for demonstration purposes.

What this course could lead to

Students may wish to develop their flair for style by research on the various fashion styling websites available; newspapers or fashion magazines for style ideas. Also by applying the techniques learnt before shopping for new season outfits.

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