Photoshop for Illustrators and Designers

Learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to produce and manipulate digital (pixel and vector based) illustrations from hand drawn art work. Students must be comfortable using computers and have some drawing experience. This course is not suitable for those who are not computer literate.

Who is this course for

Beginner and accomplished artist/illustrators.
(you can use your existing artwork or you can create your own in the first session)
The course is aimed at aspiring artists who would like to develop their knowledge of digital art,
taking existing artwork into the digital medium and learning various ways to expand and enhance it.
Students must be comfortable using computers and have some drawing experience.
This course is not suitable for those who are not computer literate.

What does this course cover

The initial session will deal with scanning in your artwork at high resolution, ready for manipulation.
Once scanned, you will be taken through the basics of opening your digital files in Photoshop.
From there you will learn techniques such as 'cloning', 'resizing', 'distorting', 'colourizing' etc.
Crucially you will also learn how to 'stack' and manipulate your scans using 'layers' to create a digital collage. This is essentially the heart of the digital process. Once stored on separate layers, your artwork can be very easily manipulated to almost any outcome - changing colour, size, copies, texture etc.

You will be shown how to ensure drawings are suitable for digital work, and how to digitally combine these with found and/or hand-made tones and textures, as well as how to add coloured areas and transparent areas adding drama and depth to your illustrations. You will be given a project to complete and will have the time to practice the methods under the watchful eye of the tutor while you complete your project. There will be time to experiment with techniques that the course covers.

What will it be like

Day 1 - Introduction to scanning - also drawing new artwork (if you don't have any artwork to scan)

Day 2 - Introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator - the main software used for digital manipulation.
Photoshop is pixel based and can therefore create very realistic photographic type enhancements to your work, whereas Illustrator is vector based and lends itself to perfect geometry based artwork.
The remainder of the course - Creating new files ready for your project, manipulating the drawings, creating layers, transparencies, working with layout. Introducing colour and texture. Adding type, re-configuring your project, experimentation, printing out the final project. Feedback.

What else do you need to buy or do

Students will need to bring along their own USB memory stick, min 4GB.

What this course could lead to

Students who complete this course may be interested in other illustration, computing and general arts courses held at the college.

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