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Pronunciation Stage 3

Discover the relationship between stress and intonation. Practise when to pause. Learn when your tone should rise or fall and which syllables to stress.

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Who is this course for

This is an upper intermediate-advanced level English course. You will have completed Advanced Pronunciation Stages 1 and 2, so you will be able to use the phonemic alphabet very well and be familiar with the different aspects of connected speech introduced in Stage 2. Now you want to develop your knowledge and practice of English intonation and stress.

What does this course cover

In this course, you will focus on the relationship between pitch or tone change and stress. This means you will learn about and practise:
1) How to break up your speech into tone units
2) Which syllables to stress in connected speech. (Prominence)
3) When to change tone
4) How to produce the different tones in English
5) How to recognise the different tone changes
6) When to use the different tone changes

You will also continue to practise the work you did in Stages 1 and 2.

What will it be like

A variety of methods will be used on this course. The aim will be to provide you with real-life scenarios so that the communicative aspects of speaking are emphasized. The language will always be introduced within a certain context. There will be a lot of pair-work and group- work, and we will use games, poetry and many interactive activities to encourage communication. You will listen to different recordings and an emphasis with be placed on your discovering rules and other aspects of language for yourself.

What else do you need to buy or do

You will need an A4 folder, pen, and an English-English dictionary which uses the phonemic alphabet.

You will need to do homework of around 2 hours per week studying your notes and practising what has been covered in class.

What this course could lead to

Stage 3 is the final stage of the pronunciation course. You should feel confident enough to put everything you've learned into practice! You will have learned everything you need to analyse your own spoken language and that of native speakers, so you can learn away from the classroom.

You should also be ready to do an interpreting courses - see . You might also find it useful to do courses on how to speak in public and express yourself effectively.

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