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Home study notes in easy stages with answers, a cassette and a book of vedic prayers and invocations. Contact the tutor via the languages department: by phone, fax, email or post, for individual help.

Please Note:
The fee of £100 is for UK residents only.
If you live overseas the fee is £120.

Who is this course for

This course is suitable for beginners who either has no previous knowledge/experiece
of Sanskrit, or who has had knowledge but has forgotten.

What does this course cover

Introduces students to the language, literature and culture of Sanskrit. The alphabet is introduced in both Devanagari and Roman scripts and these are used throughout. CDs are available for pronunciation. Simple grammar is introduced. You will learn how to translate easy sentences both English-Sanskrit and Sanskrit-English and appreciate some of the vast array of Sanskrit literature.

What will it be like

This is a distance learning course. You will have email access to the tutor for any queries, difficulties, extra practice etc. The student works at their own pace and at the students choice, can send work to the tutor for marking.

What else do you need to buy or do

A course book is included in the enrolment fee.For further studies you can get 'Sanskrit - an easy introduction to an enchanting language' by A. Aklujkar. £35. This is the university course from British Columbia obtainable from the course tutor.
The exercises are incorporated in the course book.

What this course could lead to

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I've been to many Centres to study in London and the Mary Ward Centre is one of the nicest I've studied in.

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This course is accredited

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