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Sculpting And Constructing From Life

This short course focuses on developing sculptures from 2D & 3D sketches. Evolve your ideas through drawing and sculpting from life for the first week to develop your work in 3 dimensions in the second week.

Available Classes:

Who is this course for

For all students with any level of experience and those wishing to further their knowledge of the human form. Students who have some experience in drawing and want to move into three dimensions.

What does this course cover

Each 2 day workshop will cover observational work representing the human form (1st week with the model and then final week working from observational work - 2D & 3D sketches).
Sculpture as an approach to representing the human form.
We will also combine these approaches: use drawing to support study of the human form; and use a range of 3D media (wire, clay, wood strips) to integrate the two disciplines of drawing and modelling.

What will it be like

Students should be able to do this by the end of the course:
Learn some drawing techniques with reference to the human form.
Learn some modelling techniques in relation to the human form.
Understand some aspects of the representation of the human form: Proportion, anatomy, structure.

What else do you need to buy or do

All modelling materials and equipment will be provided (please bring your own modelling tools, if preferred).
Students can bring their own drawing media, and are encouraged to have a sketch book.
Basic paper and some drawing media will be provided.
Any visits to galleries or exhibitions, which may be relevant to the course content, and a willingness to share information with the class.

What this course could lead to

Other Mary Ward Centre courses in sculpture including, Thinking and Making, Experimental Sculpture, Develop your Practice in Sculpture. The Foundation and Pre-foundation courses, Advanced Creative Practice. Other life classes.

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