Short Story Writing

Explore the short story form by reading, analysing and writing short stories. Build your own portfolio of short stories.

Who is this course for

Beginners and established writers who want to improve short story writing skills are warmly invited.

What does this course cover

Students will hone skills in character development, imagery and setting, theme, voice, effective narrative and revision in order to create or build a portfolio of short fiction in progress.

What will it be like

Through in-class writing, peer evaluation and class discussion students will develop tools for creating and improving short fiction.
Initial meeting: sharing goals plus brief summary of any work produced prior start of course.
Throughout the course: submission of assignments and participation in group critique and discussion.

What else do you need to buy or do

You will need paper (a notebook) and pen. You may want to purchase a folder to store the stories and articles you collect during the course will be useful.
Please type work to be submitted for peer review and email this to the instructor at least one day before you are scheduled to speak. Alternatively submit a hard copy the week prior to your engagement.

What this course could lead to

At the course end, you should have completed short stories for a portfolio, with an eye toward eventual publication. The quality of your prose may have improved as compared with work submitted at the start. You will have cultivated an ability to share work with the group and to accept and use constructive criticism that enhances your final product. You will have understood and practice various methods of revision to sculpt your creative output.

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