Song Writing – Beginners

This course will provide a step by step guide to writing songs and will give you the opportunity to compose your own songs. We will be looking at what makes a good song, with a focus on both music and lyrics. Some musical experience is necessary (tutor can advise before enrolment).

Who is this course for

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in song writing and some past musical experience.
This course is not limited to only people who play instruments, singers are also warmly welcomed and will be provided with tracks to write melodies over, if they need them.

What does this course cover

Creative ways of starting a song
An exploration of melody and harmony and how they correlate
A study of poetic devices and creative writing techniques and how they can enrich your writing
How to deconstruct a song and use it as inspiration
Bringing a song to life
Should they wish to do so, the end of the course will give the learner an opportunity to perform their compositions, or have their compositions sung for them by the teacher.
This will be recorded for them to take away as an Mp3.

What will it be like

The course will provide a step by step access into writing songs and will end with each of the participants composing their own songs. We will be looking at what makes a good song, with a focus on both music and lyrics. We will then go onto developing basic music theory for composition as well as a study of poetic devices and how they can expand lyrics as well as provide a starting point for writing. We will use many starter activities for writing songs and the group will develop their ability to give feedback to one another. All of this will take place in a fun and encouraging environment which will provide a perfect platform for writing songs.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring a note pad and pen.

What this course could lead to

Students will be made aware of further theoretical and singing courses run at the Mary Ward. As these courses will be internally assessed, students will also be directed towards furthering their private study through recognised music schools which provide academic and practical study.

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