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Stained Glass & Mosaic

Learn mosaic, appliqué, copper foiling and leading techniques and apply to personal projects in an experimental and creative way.

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Who is this course for

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning to make stained glass or mosaic.
It is both a practical introduction for the complete beginner with no previous skills, and also provides an opportunity for those with more experience to develop and experiment in both fields, using a variety of materials.

What does this course cover

The course aims to give students a good grounding in the practical skills of stained glass and mosaic. Learn to cut glass and tiles, to assemble applique and mosaic, and acquire the techniques to make a copperfoil or leaded panel. Students will be encouraged to design and make panels or objects from their own designs and ideas, and will proceed at their own pace.

Beginners will start with appliqué and copperfoiling before exploring further glass and mosaic processes. Returning students will develop their skills, experiment and work with more complex designs.
All learners can expect guidance and support from the tutor and fellow students.

New students should have acquired skills in the stained glass and mosaic techniques taught in the class. They should be able to:

1. Cut glass and tiles accurately and safely, and be able to use a soldering iron safely.

2. Produce an accurate working drawing for their project and be used to keeping a workbook where they keep notes on instructions and their ideas.

3. Assemble either a mosaic, or a stained glass panel using copper foil or lead.

4. Have developed design skills and understood the practicalities of designing and assembling a mosaic or stained glass panel.

5. Returning students should be perfecting their practical skills and techniques, developing their design abilities, and experimenting with new ideas, within an overall understanding of the history of stained glass and mosaic.

What will it be like

The teaching combines group and individual demonstrations and discussion as well as practical application of all the processes and methods outlined above. As students have different levels of experience and skills there is much cooperation and mutual assistance within the class.

There are a number of folders with photographs of student work, as well as a selection of books on stained glass and mosaic. These are historical, contemporary and practical. There are also some written notes on techniques. Students are expected to make their own notes and a few handouts will be provided.

There are samples of the different techniques taught available in the studio.,

If there are exhibitions that are relevant to mosaic or stained glass, students will be encouraged to go.

On the completion of each project students assess and criticise their work in conjunction with the tutor and fellow students. Throughout the designing and making process there is discussion in a friendly and supportive class atmosphere.

What else do you need to buy or do

Some basic materials are available in the workshop and some can be purchased- such as solder -please discuss with tutor. The first projects will have materials supplied at a cost of £3.50 - £7. Thereafter students will need to buy their own glass and lead for their projects. Suppliers details will be provided during the first session. Cost can range from about £15- £40 but can depend mainly on the type, quality and quantity of glass bought.

It is recommended that students provide their own safety glasses or goggles, and have a notebook, pencil, eraser and marker pen.

Visits to exhibitions are encouraged and students are expected to keep a notebook and record their ideas and what they have learnt and seen.
Some students practice cutting, or drawing their designs at home in order to proceed faster in class.

What this course could lead to

Students can continue on the same or similar course the following term and attempt more ambitious designs and techniques. There are some further and higher education colleges that offer general glass making courses. Students can set up a self employed business or work in an established studio or go into restoration or undertake repair work.

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