Strong And Fit!

Desk jobs, indulgent nights out, Netflix, computer games, fast/junk food, idly surfing the internet
our convenience culture creates opportunities for slothful lifestyles that former generations could
only dream of. But the flip side is the toll this takes on our bodies our strength and fitness
declines, waistlines expand, energy levels drop, and eventually health problems start to emerge. Led
by a qualified and experienced personal trainer, this course will help you learn how to stop the rot
and also provide a dynamic and enjoyable workout, improving your strength and fitness levels in a
friendly and encouraging environment. Adaptable for all levels, so absolute beginners welcome!

Who is this course for

Using a combination of training methods you will be able to increase both your fitness and strength in a fun and educational way. This course combines muscle endurance and calorie burning exercises to give you a cardiovascular workout. All levels welcome!

What does this course cover

This course is both for complete beginners or for those looking to advance their knowledge of health and fitness. You do not need any prior experinece as our qualified Personal Trainer will be able to progress you at your own pace and guide you to complete a safe and effective workout. This course has a larger focus on fitness so is ideal for those looking to become cardiovascular strong.

What will it be like

This course is a physical course and you will exercise every session. However you will also learn various aspects of exercise and nutrition as we cover a different health topic every week. By the end of the course you should have a greater understanding of different methods of training, how to become both fitter and stronger as well as learning the importance and know-how of being mobile, flexible and posturaly correct.
We use a variety of different methods to increase strength and fitness with the focus on body weight exercises that can also be performed at home. We will also use gloves and pads as you get the chance to patner up and learn how boxing can be both an enjoyable and effective way to increase fitness In this fun and friendly environment you will start to notice positive changes in your strength and posture to name but a few. This is a non assessed course, however there will be regular Q&A to help you learn and engage mentally as well as physically.

What else do you need to buy or do

At the Mary Ward we provide all the equipment so you do not need to buy an materials prior to the course. However as it is an active course we advise that you wear clothes that you can perform physical activity in. Comfortable footwear that you can move in is also recommended. You will not have any homework during the course, however you will be shown exercises and encouraged to practice these away from the class to accelerate your progress.

What this course could lead to

This course has many students returning term on term as it is always possible to progress. You may have heard the phrase 'it never gets easier, you just get stronger'. Each term you will be to progress with your new found knowledge and strength. This course is designed to also give you the confidence to be more active away from the Mary Ward and to improve your quality of life overall. This is also a good stepping stone to Strength and Body conditioning.

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