Website Building for Small Business Enterprises

Promote your web presence further by creating your website at very little cost. Learn how to buy your own domain, create pages and forms, incorporate social media, use Photoshop on your images, set up a mailing list, send newsletters and more.

Who is this course for

This course is designed for those with a small business, or those that are ready to set up a business and want an online presence..
On this course you will set up your own professional website with tutor help.

What does this course cover

- Creating your own website using
Have a look at your tutor's website which was created using weebly
- How to buy your domain name (website address) and apply it to your site
- Creating webpages, contact forms etc
- Using widgets to incorporate social media e.g. twitter feed
- Choosing images for your site and basic photoshop techniques
- Learning about search engine optimisation and how to move your site up the google search ranking
- Setting up a mailing list (using mail chimp)
- Learning how to send out a newsletter to your mailing list.

What will it be like

Teaching methods:
* Visual demonstration and verbal explanation.
* Written handouts
* One-to-one support to help you create your own website.
* Group discussions.
Learning methods:
* Hands on practical experience - you will create your own website during the course
* Reading handouts and following instructions.
* One-to-one and group discussion.

What else do you need to buy or do

An account with weebly is free. You will need to buy your own domain name. You will be able to do this in class and will have step by step help to apply your web address to your weebly site.

What this course could lead to

Mary Ward Centre courses:- Social Networking for Small Business Enterprises in order to link up your website with social media e.g. facebook, twitter etc.
You will have a website of your design and will be able to edit it at home.

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