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Write Here! Write Now!

Whether writing from life or imagination, a first timer or an old hand, carve yourself a couple of hours writing time each week - no homework, no assignments, just supportive workshops which are designed to crack open the brand new writing in you.

Who is this course for

Do you struggle to find the time to write, but love it when you do?
Do you enjoy being given writing challenges?
For two hours each week, this class will be all about putting words on the page, drafting new writing, sharing snippets hot off the press, and taking those fresh words away to develop at your leisure.
This new course has been designed for writers of all levels. Excellent for those who are feeling blocked, or need to be prodded to put pen to paper, or who have always wanted to write but never found the time, or whose writing feels stuck in a rut.
Whilst those for whom English is not a first language are welcome, a good grasp of written and spoken English is essential.

What does this course cover

The emphasis is on workshopping - you will be encouraged to try out ideas, to make mistakes, and not be too precious.
Each week you will be given prompts to set you on your creative journey. Each week's prompts will be different. You will look at a range of themes, and be given the opportunity to try out different writing styles. Where relevant, handouts will be provided, along with suggestions for follow-up reading. You will be encouraged and supported to develop your own writing style.
Writing produced in class will be shared the same day, and feedback will be offered in a healthy and supportive way - this is all about encouragement of early drafts, not nit picking!
By the end of the course you should have
- a very full notebook!
- an appreciation of craft elements and a range of writing styles.
- developed strategies for writing independently, and conquered the dread of the blank page.
- developed confidence in sharing your own work, and in responding constructively to the work of others.
- reflected on how you can take this work further after the course.

What will it be like

The course is designed to allow individual learning paths and to provide participants with takeaway tools for generating their own material.
Please Note - As the emphasis will be on workshopping new writing in-class, this course is not suitable for those wishing to receive critiques on writing produced outside the class, or for those requiring homework assignments to be shared in the following class.
At the start: Through discussion, and your responses to tutor's questionnaire.
On the course: By sharing the material produced, and by observation and discussion. Guided peer feedback is encouraged alongside tutor feedback.
At the end: The tutor will provide verbal feedback, and peer discussion will be supported and encouraged.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring pens, paper, enthusiasm, a generous spirit, and a willingness to play.
Handouts and additional materials if required will be provided where necessary.

What this course could lead to

After this course students can continue on the range of Creative Writing courses, or try one of the other courses, the tutor can advise on appropriate options.

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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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