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Yoga Lunchtime

This class will energise your body as well as calm and centre your mind. After a busy morning you can enjoy an hour of yoga to revitalise you for the rest of the day. The class includes a variety of asanas (postures) to stretch and strengthen your body, as well as a short relaxation and breathing meditation.

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Who is this course for

All levels welcome
This class will offer a Dynamic Hatha style of yoga to build strength, suppleness, breath and body awareness. The class will energise you and pep you up for the rest of the day.

What does this course cover

Each class will include:
- opening relaxation, giving you time to 'arrive' and connect to breath and body awareness - deep stretches and breath awareness practices to open the body and focus the mind - gentle warm up exercises to moblise joints and establish good alignment - sun salutations and a few standing and or sitting poses - relaxation and a few moments of sitting still to focus the mind and build mental concentration
Standing/ sitting postures will include forward bend, side stretch, backbends a twisting posture and a balance pose (occasional, not all during each class).
- Show good co-ordination of physical movement and general proficiency in standing yoga poses - Be able to synchronise movement with breath - Employ yoga techniques to help reduce stress, relax and enjoy body awareness - Experience a sense of body awareness during both physical movement and stillness - Be stronger and more flexible throughout the body - Be able to manipulate the breath for a short period - Be able to sit still and concentrate the mind for a few minutes - know enough to practice at home safely

What will it be like

The tutor will first demonstrate postures and then students will try then for themselves and raise any questions. Verbal instructions and guidance will be given on correct alignment in addition to suggestion for modifying poses in relation to any injuries or medical conditions. Occasional hands on adjustments will be given in addition to information about the benefits of poses. All questions will be answered as they arise. By practicing, students will slowly build up an experiential knowledge and understanding of their own body and mind and get a 'feel' for how a pose is best practiced.
At the start you will be asked to complete a health check form regarding your general health and previous experience of yoga if any. The first class of term will be a general class where the tutor will assess capacity by observation. Continuous assessment and verbal feedback will be given throughout the term. Through the process of self observation, question and answers, moments of one to one work, individual comments and feedback on personal experience of a poses, students will gain insight into their own progress.

What else do you need to buy or do

Comfortable loose clothing, such as T-shirt, footless jogging bottoms or leggings. Students can bring a towel to cover mats if they wish. No socks please. Mats, blocks and belts are provided. However students are welcome to bring their own.
You should come to class with an empty stomach or have waited at least 2 hours after a light snack before doing a yoga class. It is preferable not to drink water during class, however have water with you to drink after class.
Students wishing to have water in the studio should bring a bottle or cup, as the fountain there is designed for filling only.

Try to practice Yoga as often as possible but at least once a week. Explore different types of Yoga, as far as money and time allow, to get a sense of what works best for you then draw from your experiences and knowledge from the course and other yoga classes and try to do a bit at home as often as you can.

What this course could lead to

The tutor will advise. Note: Students who wish to continue on the next term must enrol in advance.

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