Underwater Discoveries Project At The British Museum

11 Jul 2016

Community partnerships

Underwater discoveries

15 July – 19 August 2016, Great Court

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Underwater_DiscoveriesThe Underwater discoveries art installation gathers inspiration from the BP exhibition Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds and the idea of lost cities of ancient Egypt emerging through a mysterious underwater world.

Local community groups worked with artists from the Mary Ward Centre to research and explore different aspects of Egypt’s lost underwater cities to create this artwork that makes subtle references to the hieroglyphs, architectural outlines, archaeological discoveries and abundant sea life in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Search through the watery folds and patterns of the artwork and you will find a mythical head, the bust of a god, processional barges, amulets of fish and scarab beetles, simpulums (ladles), and hieroglyphic inscriptions worked into abstract architectural features emerging from the floor of the sea. Surrounded by shoals of fish and a seabed of starfish and sea urchins living in a magical underwater world.

The Mary Ward Centre, a college of adult education, led the project, working with groups in Camden, Islington and Hackney – British Museum community arts group, Camden Chinese Community Centre, Castlehaven Community Centre, Christopher Hatton Primary School, Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Centre, Garden School (Hackney), Holborn Asian Women’s Association, Islington Bangladesh Association, Millman Street Resource Centre, Mildmay Housing (Notting Hill Housing), West Euston Time Bank and Women at the Well.