Creative Writing Student, age 86 has had her book published!

23 Oct 2017

I am an 86-year-old retired consultant pathologist who has also been a Harley Street dentist, an entrepreneur and director of a Cancer Research laboratory, as well as the mother of four. I live in London with my husband, while my children and grandchildren are scattered around the globe.

My memoir Woman in a White Coat, written under the pseudonym of Dr Abby J Waterman, is now available on Amazon Kindle. I expect the paperback to be available shortly. I changed the names of friends, family, colleagues and patients as well as the names of places and hospitals, although all the events in this memoir are true to reality.

My memoir was shortlisted for the Tony Lothian Biography prize and for the Wasafiri Memoir Prize

Book On Amazon

Here is the blurb I sent out originally about my memoir – I managed to get it published just before my 86th birthday!!

Meet 85-year old Dr Abby Waterman, the unwelcome third daughter of Orthodox Jews who desperately wanted a son. She survives rat-infested cold-water tenements in London’s East End, the Great Depression, WW2 and the Blitz. Despite poverty, sexual harassment and discrimination, she becomes in turn a Harley Street dentist, a doctor, an entrepreneur, a consultant pathologist and director of a cancer research laboratory, as well as the mother of four.

Behind the scenes in a busy NHS hospital, you witness the tears doctors shed that patients never see. Step into Abby’s shoes as an 18-year-old dissecting her first body and later, as a mother of young children, carrying out an autopsy on a four-year-old. Discover why Abby ventures into the business world and why she leaves it. She undergoes surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, only to be told her cancer has recurred and spread to her spine. She describes her weird hallucinations while on a ventilator following a heart attack and learns that Do Not Resuscitate is written into her notes.

Since retiring I have been to classes at the Mary Ward centre in creative writing, painting, drawing, literature, art history and Spanish.

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