Textiles Exhibition in the stairwell at Queen Square

22 Feb 2019

Text1Textiles exhibition

Welcome to our Textiles exhibition. On display is a diverse range of textiles from current students on a variety of course at the Mary Ward Centre. The work includes hand printed textiles, digitally printed textiles and products, hand crocheted and knitted products, hand and machine embroidered pieces, and hand and machine sewn patchwork and quilting work.

This beautiful and colourful exhibition showcases the standard of work produced by the students across all the textile disciplines and is a mere snapshot of the creativity and volume of work produced throughout the year.

All the work has been created here or at our new location at Blackfriars Settlement. Thank you to all the students involved in the exhibition for bringing in such beautiful work.

They are representing these courses:

Patchwork and Quilting – Monday morning

Knitting and crochet – Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evening

Digital Print Projects – Wednesday morning

Embroidery – Thursday Afternoon

Printed and dyed Textiles – Thursday afternoon and evening


Thank you also to our talented and dedicated tutors!

Lara Hailey, Kathy Schicker, Kim Couling, Linden Abbott and Zoe Hewett-Dutton