About the Mary Ward Settlement

The Mary Ward Settlement was established to ‘promote public education and social service for the benefit of the community’.  That aim has endured down the years, but the way it is achieved has moved with the times.  The Settlement today is a streamlined, modern organisation, offering access to education and to justice through the Adult Education Centre and the Mary Ward Legal Centre.   It is governed by a Board of Trustees who each bring skills and an enthusiasm for the Settlement’s mission and philosophies.  The Board includes staff and student elected trustees.

The Senior Management Team consists of the Warden, Suzanna Jackson, who looks after the interests of the Settlement as a whole;  Sue Craggs, Director of Adult and Community Education; Juliet Woodford, Director Of Finance and Resources; Liz Ranger, Director of Blackfriars Settlement and Paula Twigg, Director of the Mary Ward Legal Centre

With a long history to build upon, the Settlement’s work for the benefit of the community goes on; its experience over the past century in meeting changing times and challenges helps to ensure that the Settlement is able to keep its services at a high standard for all who need them.