About the project

This project, titled All Together Now, supported people who have traditionally faced barriers to learning by providing a range of accessible education courses. We worked with communities on low incomes, low English language skills, people with mental ill health, homeless people, people with addictions and older people. The project offered a range of classes including arts, health, IT and volunteer training.

These classes were run in partnership with a  number of voluntary and community organisations, allowing it to be informed by  their specific expertise and experiences. These partnerships also served to provide learners to the project, and the classes took place, where possible, in the community settings, where the learners were already comfortable.

The  project achievements were showcased in a celebration event, where all learners were  invited to come together to exhibit their work, talk about their learning, and  participate in activities, thereby promoting the benefits of informal adult  learning within the community. You can find full details about the project in the All Together Now Final Evaluation