Planned outcomes for learners

At  the outset of this project we intended that learners should be able to identify the benefits of their learning, including:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Improved communication
  • Increased interest in further learning
  • Skills that will help them apply for paid or voluntary work
  • Improvements in their health and well being

These  outcomes were achieved by the overwhelming majority of our learners. In order to measure this all learners were asked at the end of their courses to evaluate  their learning (see ‘evaluation forms’). We also spoke to partners  about the progression of their learners after the classes had finished (see the  ‘tracking progression’ forms).

Outcomes for learners which we had not predicted

As well as the intended outcomes, we also noticed a number of other achievements that we had not predicted. These were:

  • Progression to running informal learning groups, sharing their expertise and bringing communities together
  • Interest in using the skills they had learnt to set up their own businesses or small-scale community shops