Our  project involved 25 partner organisations and we ran 39 courses of 9 hours or more  and 24 courses of under 9 hours. The project ran for 8 months.

The  following resources will be needed to complete a project similar to ours:

Project management of  around 100 hours, tasks including:

    1. setting up and sustaining partnerships
    2. organising partner meetings, in groups and individually
    3. agreeing appropriate courses with partners and programming and timetabling these
    4. managing tutors and administrative staff
    5. Arranging celebration event
    6. Ensuring appropriate publicity materials are available

Tutor costs of around  550 hours, their work including

    1. Helping to agree and develop appropriate courses
    2. Compiling course outlines and designing learning materials
    3. Teaching courses

Administration of  around 100 hours with tasks including

    1. Compiling registers
    2. Logging learner data
    3. Logging feedback and evaluation data

Materials and  equipment

    1. Sufficient materials for all projects, such as art materials, ingredients for cookery classes
    2. Computers for ICT classes were provided by the partner organisation in question


    1. We designed publicity materials to promote the classes and partners were  responsible for displaying and disseminating these (see publicity section)
    2. We designed and printed publicity in-house to promote the celebration event  throughout our community network

The Learning

    1. Course descriptions were devised by our tutors and given to learners in the first session of each course
    2. Please view our ‘course outlines’ section for examples of these
    3. Other learning resources and handouts, specific to each class, were also made  available


    1. Students were asked to fill out evaluation forms at the end of each course
    2. Discussion-led group evaluations were also completed
    3. Partners also were asked to complete evaluations, at group meeting and one-to-one with a representative from our organisation (the project coordinator)
    4. Tutors completed evaluations of each class they led
    5. Examples and templates for these can be found in the ‘evaluations’ section