Senior Management Team
Warden of the Mary Ward Settlement Suzanna Jackson
Director - Adult and Community Education Sue Craggs
Director – Finance & Resources Juliet Woodford
Senior Management Team – Support
Marketing Coordinator Justine Hounam
Finance Manager Mohammed Chowdhury
Finance Officer Vita Doherty
Student Records Officer Lynn Sowerby
Human Resources & Payroll
HR & Payroll Officer Alleena Hussain
HR & Payroll Assistant  Laura Gutierrez
MIS Manager Eric Nordell
Department IT Technician Shahzad Ahmad
Department IT Technician Benjamin Whitehead
Premises & Maintenance
Premises Manager Victor Chibundu
Facilities & Resources Officer Dave Green
Community Outreach
Curriculum Manager Outreach Maddy Fisk
Community Outreach Coordinator Erica Parrett
Curriculum Managers
Arts & Wellbeing Marc Breen
Work Skills & Employability Kathy Schicker
Essential Skills Kirsty Barlow
Professional Qualifications & Humanities Austin Hill
Curriculum Team
Team Leader, Curriculum Administrator Debbie Yorke
Curriculum Team Administrator Tsebaot Samuel
Curriculum Team Administrator Rahul Miah
Curriculum Team Administrator Monica Amin
Assessor – ALS, Literacy & Maths Pamela Murchland
Art Technician Zoreh Korangi
Art Technician Trevor Hewett
Access To Services
Access To Services Manager Paula Suen
Senior Receptionist/Access To Services Anne Marie King
Access To Services Coordinators Chantal Njoki, Naila Ahmadov,
Jackie Wamaitha, Liliana Tempesta,
Kwame Kompofo