Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and provide excellent and innovative Adult Education and Community Services.  The following policies help us achieve our mission aims.

Mary Ward Centre’s commitment to its students:
Mary Ward Students Can Expect -

  • Courteous, helpful and friendly staff
  • Impartial, relevant advice and confidential guidance
  • Awareness by staff of when to refer you to more specialist help
  • “Quality assured” teachers
  • Well-planned courses
  • A firm commitment to putting equal opportunities into practice and to ending unfair discrimination
  • Formal and informal channels for expressing students’ views
  • Any abuse or harassment between students or between students and other people at the Centre to be dealt with under the Student Disciplinary Procedure

 The Mary Ward Student Charter gives more information, and includes the student Code of Conduct, with which all students should familiarise themselves.

Mary Ward Settlement Covid-19 Risk Assessment 

This risk assessment seeks to identify the possible risk areas associated with the transmission of Covid-19 within our premises and to recommend practical measures we can introduce to control/reduce these risks in order that we maintain a safe environment: Risk assessment

Complaints Procedure

The Centre takes complaints seriously and will treat any complaint with courtesy, impartiality and in confidence. Complaints can be made in person, in writing, by fax or by telephone. The full procedure is available here.

Mary Ward Centre’s Equality & Diversity Policy

We strive to create an environment which advances Equality and Diversity and is free from unfair discrimination both in the delivery of our adult education service and in our recruitment and employment practices.  The Centre’s Equality & Diversity policy upholds these principles.

Sustainability Policy

The Mary Ward Centre is strongly committed to improving its environmental performance and to permeating this message throughout its culture, practices and learning ethos. Click here to read the Centre’s Sustainability Policy


For the comfort, health and safety of all our users and to comply with the law, we have a no smoking policy throughout the Centre, including the roof garden at Queen Square and the front steps at both buildings.

The Mary Ward Subcontracting Policy  This policy sets out the terms on which the Centre would enter into a subcontracting arrangement.