Building A Sustainable Future


It’s a word you hear more and more. A buzz word.

Sustainable this. Sustainable that.

But what does sustainability mean for Mary Ward?

As part of the big picture, we want to make a real contribution to trying to reduce how much of the world’s finite resources we use up in any week, or year, or even decade. We can make a small, but ought to be increasing, reduction in the amount of materials and energy that get used up every day. Helping the world get closer to the point where we can all continue without worrying about running out of the stuff that keeps everything going. Sustainability. Being able to keep going.

We want Mary Ward to keep going. We think it really matters. Not just being here this year, but in ten years, twenty years, even in a hundred years from now. We may all be gone but there will be other people who will needs us. Not just great services today, but making sure we can deliver them tomorrow. Sustainability. Being able to keep going.

Over the coming weeks you will see a number of posters on the theme of sustainability being displayed throughout our buildings. These posters have been designed by students on last year’s Illustration course. Hopefully they will make people think. What can we do? What difference could I make?

If you would like to know more pick up your copy of our Sustainability consultation document in reception.

Consultation on the MWS Sustainability Policy

 Illustrations by students:

Mary_Ward_Sustainability_1 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_2 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_3 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_4 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_5 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_6 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_7 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_8 Mary_Ward_Sustainability_9