Counselling Training 2022-23

Want to train as a counsellor? We are now accepting application forms for the Counselling Training courses starting in September 2022.

Have you thought of a career in counselling? Do you find yourself with a strong desire to help others? Come and learn a wide range of skills which will make a real impact in peoples’ lives. From mental health issues, to vulnerable adults or teenagers, to clients struggling with substance abuse you will start to learn how to make a difference. We can help you help others.

Counselling Bazaar

Level 2 Introduction to Counselling and Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills

Joint application pack: Info about applying L2 and L3 2022-23 and Intro and L3 application form 2022-23

Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Counselling: Diploma Information and Diploma Application form 2021-22

Level 6 Counselling Supervision: Level 6 Information 2022-23 and Level 6 Application Form 2022-23 For the Level 3, Level 4 and Level 6 courses, an Advanced Learner Loan is available. The Advanced Learner Loan is a government-funded loan to help learners. It’s easy to apply for, doesn’t take your household income into account and doesn’t involve a credit check. Here are some key facts about the loan:

  • Repayments are linked to what you earn and not how much you borrowed.
  • You only have to start making repayments when you’ve finished your course and you’re earning over £27,295 a year (which is £524 a week or £2,274 a month). Until then you don’t need to pay back anything, but you can make voluntary repayments at any time.
  • You pay 9% of the money you earn over £27,295, before tax. For example, if you earn £28,000 a year, your monthly repayment will be £5 a month; and if you earn £34,000 a year, it will be £50 per month

Interest is charged on a sliding scale between the Retail Price Index (RPI) and RPI +3%, depending on how much you earn. For more details about applying for a loan to pay for your course please follow this link To read more about the loan, download the Advanced Learner Loan Information Leaflet