Emotional Freedom Techniques – Meta Tapping

Tapping is an easy to use tool for stress regulation and personal transformation. It combines tapping on ancient Chinese acupressure points with modern psychology. There is growing evidence that practicing EFT can have profound effects on the nervous system, the production of stress hormones (particularly cortisol), DNA regulation and brain activation. In this beginners tapping day we will cover: What is EFT, some of the science behind tapping, what it does and how you can use it to calm you mood.

Who is this course for

Course is for anyone seeking to gently identify and release stressors in their bodies. Useful for people who want to expand their self-development or for coaches, health workers, and therapists wishing to explore a therapeutic model that uses (1) the absence of negative feelings as a marker of progress, and (2) a wellbeing score as a mood tracker for actively feeling more empowered.

What does this course cover

' Introduction EFT and its history.
' Identify the tapping points and sequence when working through personal issues
' Identify increased/decreased levels of stress associated with a topic before and after tapping
' Demonstrate sufficient knowledge to practice simple tapping sequences for self-calming.

What will it be like

Hopefully the day will be fun and enlightening. You will gain EFT instructions on two activities: what you say or think, and where you tap. Your progress will be assessed by checking your SUDS scores (scale of distress scores) to check if emotional intensity has lessened by tapping on your points.

What else do you need to buy or do

Notebook to write in and pen, water and comfortable loose clothes

What this course could lead to

Weekly meta tapping course for practicing and skills building (See MWC prospectus for dates). Course is for anyone wishing to introduce a short daily self-help exercise to use on themselves or others to tap away their anxious feelings, build self-understanding and self-soothing abilities. Also useful for therapists and coaches seeking tools they can integrate into their current practice.

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