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English Functional Skills E1-E2

This course is for complete beginners and those with a low level of reading and writing. On this course, you will improve your ability to read and write in a range of different practical contexts. You will learn to read and write messages, read short texts and improve your ability to spell by learning letter sounds and breaking down words. You will also improve your digital skills to help with spelling and writing by using laptops and smartphones.

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Who is this course for

This course is for students who want to improve their literacy skills - reading and writing, and also speaking and listening. It is the right course for you if you can already read some words and sentences, but you find it difficult or you lack confidence. You want to express yourself better in speaking and writing, learn more vocabulary and know how to spell words.

The course is for people whose first language is English. However, people whose first language is not English but are fluent speakers, but still have difficulties in reading and/or writing English may also do this class.

What does this course cover

This course is for those with a very low level of reading and writing and those learning to read and write for the first time. The course will help you with reading and writing simple words, simple sentences and learning simple letter sounds as well learning how to spell words used in everyday life.
What does this course cover?
1. You will improve your ability to read and decode texts used in everyday life
2. You will improve your ability to spell short key words by learning how to break down words and learning letter sounds
3. You will improve your ability to write simple sentences in a range of practical contexts
4. You will improve your spelling and reading skills in a digital context, using laptops and smartphones

What will it be like

On this course, you will learn in small groups. Sometimes you will also learn on your own. The tutor will also help you learn. You will work on short tasks, by completing worksheets or completing tasks using websites and your smartphone. You will learn by using communication skills. Sometimes you will also be asked to do homework.

Teaching methods: Visual demonstration and verbal explanation. Written handouts with visual diagrams. One-to-one teaching. Group discussions
Learning methods: Hands-on practical activities, Reading handouts and following instructions.
One-to-one and group discussion.
How students are assessed: Questions and answers during group discussions and one-to-one teaching.
Record of students' progress and achievement on an assessment sheet as they achieve the course objectives. Practical work produced is evidence of learning.

What else do you need to buy or do

You will only need to bring a pen and a notebook. Sometimes you will also need to bring your smartphone to class as you will work on these too.

You need to keep a folder of your work. You will also need to do some homework.

You will keep an Individual Learning Plan to help you organise your learning.

What this course could lead to

There is no exam at the end of this course. However, if you feel that you are ready you can take an exam. You can also study on the IT, English and Math course that runs at the centre either while you are doing this course or after this course. If you are interested, you can also take a basic math class while you are doing this course, either at Blackfriars Settlement or at the Mary Ward Centre.
You may be able to take speaking and listening, reading and writing exams during the year when you are ready. When you have passed the course, you can go to Entry 3 Literacy.

When you are Entry 3, you will also be able to do some computer courses.

There is detailed information in Reception about all our courses at the Mary Ward Centre. You can also visit an advice session, where they can direct you to the right course.

Information about other learning opportunities can be obtained from Learn Direct: and from the following websites:;;;;

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This course is accredited

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