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Who is this course for

This course is for beginners. Maybe you can speak and write a few words - for example, What's your name? Where are you from? How are you? You can read a few words and write the English alphabet. But not much more!

What does this course cover

In this course, you will practise your speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will learn a lot of words about people, jobs, clothes, sport, the body and places. You will speak, listen, read and write about:
- yourself, your family, your friends,
- about what you like and don't like
- about life in the UK
- your past life.

You will practise speaking so your friends, neighbours and people in shops and offices can understand you. You will practise your grammar - adjectives, nouns, and verb tenses, for example the present simple, past simple and present continuous.

You will prepare for ESOL E1 speaking, listening, reading and writing exams.

What will it be like

The teacher will use videos, YouTube, songs, pictures, recordings and an electronic whiteboard. You will work in groups, pairs and on your own. You will speak and listen a lot. You will play games. You will read stories, and use maps and diagrams. You will write short sentences and letters and fill in forms. You will do many different things - you will not be bored!

The teacher will talk often to you about your progress. You need to keep a folder with all your work in. You need to do homework and come to every class.

What else do you need to buy or do

Students on this course will also need to enrol on 203EX/204EX/205EX at Queen Square and 200EX/201EX/202EX at Blackfriars, which is the IT skills side of the course.

You need an A4 file, paper, pens and pencils. An English dictionary is also good. Other materials and books are in the Student Resource Room.

You need to do homework and practise outside the classroom.
You take exams when you are ready, this could be in December, April or July.

What this course could lead to

When you have passed all exams at Entry level 1, you can go to Entry Level 2. If you are not ready to pass the exams, you can repeat Entry level 1.

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