Guitar For Improvers

This Guitar course is ideal for students who have previously taken the beginners course, or have some experience. Learn more advanced techniques (e.g. finger-picking), as well as trickier chords and melody playing.

Who is this course for

The course is ideal for anyone who has previously enrolled on the beginners course, and is looking to further their development as a guitar player. The course is also open to anyone who has been playing acoustic guitar for a little while, and can competently strum and play some essential chords. The ability to read chord diagrams and simple song sheets is recommended.
Ability to read music is not required.

What does this course cover

This course picks up where the beginners course left off. We will continue to learn a range of chords, playing songs in a variety of different styles.
Additionally, we'll start to look at some more advanced techniques, such as fingerpicking, trickier strumming patterns, barre chords and alternative chord voicings.

The course will also focus on improving sound and tone. The repertoire will give you opportunities to try new techniques and to customise your accompaniment to suit the style. There will be more emphasis on keeping a good rhythmic pulse and on listening to improve your aural skills and overall musicianship.

As always, towards the end of the course there will be an opportunity to perform what you have learnt!
What you should be able to do by the end of the course:
- Play the songs and exercises as recommended by the tutor, solo or in an ensemble
- Demonstrate some more advanced techniques, such as fingerpicking and trickier strumming patterns
- Refer to an increasing range of chords
- Recognise from the sound alone a variety of chord types
- Apply custom strumming a picking styles to various songs choices
- Read a chord chart and understand chord symbols for acoustic guitar
- Demonstrate an understanding of guitar tablature (simple notation)
- Demonstrate a developed confidence with singing and playing simultaneously

What will it be like

The teaching and learning methods we use on the course:
- Demonstrations and tutor feedback
- Multimedia resources - video/audio etc
- Practical exercises
- Group discussions

How we assess your progress on the course:
- Constructive feedback, one-to-one and in groups

What extra study/practice we expect you to do outside the class:
- Practice recommended songs
- Optional exercises to aid further progression
- Further listening and viewing encouraged

What else do you need to buy or do

It is essential that you bring your acoustic guitar: classical style nylon string guitar or steel string acoustic are equally suitable. You can also bring an electric guitar although no amplification will be provided. There are plenty of usable and affordable guitar on the market, but anything priced around £100 should be a decent instrument. You'll also need a notebook and pencil.
Also recommended: a chromatic tuner and a capo suitable for your guitar.

What this course could lead to

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