Hypnotherapy, Relaxation And Healthy Living

Forget the high profile TV and stage acts and find out instead how hypnosis can be used to reduce stress and help people develop positive behaviour habits, leading to an increased sense of wellbeing. On this course, you will gain an understanding of what hypnotherapy is (and what it isnt), how it originated, and its main current uses. The course will incorporate some group hypnotherapy sessions and susceptibility exercises to enable students to experience hypnotherapy techniques, focussing on relaxation and healthy living.

Who is this course for

Students are not expected to have any previous knowledge. However, this course is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The group hypnosis sessions are of a general, non-clinical nature so will not be suitable for you if you have a medical condition that requires hypnotherapy to be carried out under the supervision of a healthcare provider (e.g. an eating disorder, depression, bipolar disease or schizophrenia) or if you have recently experienced a traumatic event (e.g. bereavement). If you are unsure whether to enrol please consult your GP or contact reception for further advice.

What does this course cover

The course will give students an understanding of what hypnotherapy is (and what it isn't), how it originated and what its main uses are nowadays.

You will have the opportunity to find out if you are naturally suited to hypnotherapy, using susceptibility exercises and to participate in group hypnotherapy sessions. Our main focus in the group hypnotherapy sessions will be to help you to relax and we will also cover how you can continue to use hypnotherapy and other techniques for this purpose once the course has finished.

We will also look at what the current guidelines for eating healthily and taking exercise are. If appropriate, some of our group hypnotherapy sessions will be aimed at helping you to exercise at an appropriate level to increase well-being and to eat more healthily.

By the end of the course, students
Should be able to give a brief description of what hypnotherapy is
Should know what it feels like to experience group hypnotherapy sessions and be able to feed back as to whether they feel they are suited to hypnotherapy.
Should know how to safely practise at least one relaxation technique at home
Should be aware of current recommended guidelines for healthy eating and taking exercise

What will it be like

Mini lectures
Discussion in pairs or in a group
Question and answer
Tutor led group hypnotherapy sessions

Students will be asked to complete paperwork at the start of the course to assess their aims for attending the course in more detail and to establish a baseline against which to measure their progress mid-term and at the end of the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

As the course progresses, practising relaxation techniques at home will help to reinforce your learning

What this course could lead to

Attending further hypnotherapy sessions to help with another purpose e.g. sports performance enhancement or increased confidence for public speaking.
Furthering your relaxation experience by enrolling on a yoga course. Finding out more about how the mind works by enrolling on a psychology course.

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