Maths Functional Skills L2 – Online

Do you need to improve your maths to help you in your daily life, with work or your studies? Do you need to increase your confidence with maths? Do you need to work towards a GCSE? These courses will help you gain essential mathematical skills and also enable you to get a qualification. The afternoon classes are more suited to students who want to learn at a slower pace. In the evening classes you will work towards Functional Skills Level 1 and 2. You will need to come for an assessment before you start. These courses are free.

Who is this course for

This course is for students who have successfully completed Maths Skills Level 1 at The Mary Ward Centre or have been assessed as Level 2 students. It is a particularly good course to do if you need to gain a functional skills L2 course for work or for study, or wish to begin preparing for GCSE maths.

What does this course cover

On this course, you will learn how to:
a) Understand and use positive and negative numbers of any size in practical contexts;
b) Carry out calculations with numbers of any size in practical contexts, to a given number of decimal places;
c) Understand, use and calculate ratio and proportion, including problems involving scale;
d) Understand and use equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages;
e) Understand and use simple formulae and equations involving one- or two-step operations;
f) Recognise and use 2D representations of 3D objects;
g) Find area, perimeter and volume of common shapes;
h) Use, convert and calculate using metric and, where appropriate, imperial measures;
i) Collect and represent discrete and continuous data, using ICT where appropriate;
j) Use and interpret statistical measures, tables and diagrams, for discrete and continuous data, using ICT where appropriate;
k) Use statistical methods to investigate situations;
l) Use probability to assess the likelihood of an outcome.

What will it be like

It will be different from the way you learned maths at school. The activities will vary and include discussions, group work, individual work and quizzes, all in a very supportive environment. You will have fun, work hard and get what you put into the course. There will a focus on maths in a practical context.

You will have lots of individual attention from the tutor as well as the support of your classmates

What else do you need to buy or do

A file to keep your work in
A4 lined paper
A calculator will be useful
A pen

What this course could lead to

This course will be a good introduction to maths to prepare you for a GCSE course. It will also be an excellent course to do before joining our Payroll or Bookkeeping courses. You might also like to look at our IT and digital literacy courses such as Excel.

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