Our Enigmatic Brain: A Psychological Exploration

Do we know how the human brain works now we have neutral imaging like fMRI? Or how or why it develops or changes over the lifespan? Not yet! In this course we will be exploring and evaluating current models of brain functioning and the science that supports them, and identifying what we still need to know for a more holistic understanding of how this vital organ operates.

Advances in scientific knowledge, including perspectives from the emerging science of cognitive neuroscience, are rapidly building our understanding of its amazing capacities. This new knowledge feeds into improving human quality of life and developing artificial intelligences to support everyday activities (including the predictive text on your mobile).

Who is this course for

Anyone and everyone who is fascinated by the mysteries of the human brain, and what science has discovered about its functioning so far. An introductory course for curious people - no previous knowledge is required.

What does this course cover

We will be examining human neuroarchitecture (brain structure) and its plasticity (ability to adapt and change in response to its environment), incorporating empirical research knowledge from neuropsychology and cognitive psychology

What will it be like

Your brain and cognitive processes will be active! The course will include times when the Tutor will outline key ideas, but classes will also be highly interactive with class and group discussions around the many unresolved questions in pure and applied neuropsychological and cognitive research. We shall also look at how models of neural networks are feeding into our rapidly developing Artificial Intelligence applications. All of these will be explained at a basic level. You will also be offered an opportunity to present a relevant topic that interests you.

What else do you need to buy or do

You will need access to the internet to participate in this Course. You don't need to buy a text-book, ad supplemental learning resources will be provided on Mary Ward's virtual learning environment (Moodle).

What this course could lead to

A heightened understanding of the current discussions, debates and research around the human brain. It also offers knowledge enhancement for those in occupational or learner roles where an understanding of neurological processes might enhance their work.

You may want to consider enrolling on other courses from the centre's Psychology course offer - please see the website for details

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