Photoshop: Beginners

A chance to gain full understanding of Photoshop on a long course. The essential features that you will require for
photograph, image and scanned image manipulation. You will learn about image selection tools, blending, modes, layers and layer effects, groups, patterns, styles, vector objects, adding text, clipping, masks and filters, history panel, history brush and snapshots. More advanced topics are also introduced including channels, paths, tools e.g. extract, liquify and customised brushes.

Who is this course for

This course will enable you to gain a basic understanding of image manipulation. Although the student need have no previous experience of Photoshop, it is essential that the student has previous computign experience of and knowledge of using Windows and File Management.

What does this course cover

Photoshop is the leading image manipulation program that is used commercially. Students will gain considerable knowledge of the tools used within the program including the more specialised aspects of the program:
Photoshop Environment;
OpenSave Files;
Basic Use of Tools;
Select Image Areas;
Use Layers;
Use Blending;
Select Image Modes;
Select Colour and Apply Paint;
Add Text;
Apply Layer Effects;
Apply Filters;
Adjust Images;
Basic Scanning;
Link & Lock Layers;
Use Masks;
Create Clipping Groups;
Use Clone Stamp;
Use the History Palette;
Character Palette; Paragraph Palette; Brushes Palette;
Vector Shapes; Draw with the Pen Tool; Edit Paths; Edit Anchor Points; Make Use of Paths;
Clipping Masks;
Channels - Colour and Alpha;
Styles; Red Eye Tool;
Patch Tool;
Make an Action

What will it be like

Demonstration using Smartboard through computer-linked projectors, exposition and discussion. One-to-one and Group work. Through tutor-guidance and hands-on experience, the completion of the course objectives.
Ongoing monitoring of students' work including questions, observation and tasks. Start and End of class student self-assessment/achievement tick sheet.

What else do you need to buy or do

Materials are supplied free of charge by the Centre. As much practice as possible to reinforce learning. This may be at home or elsewhere or from homework given by the tutor.

What this course could lead to

Photography course - Photography DSLR Introduction. Illustrator, Web Publishing course - Desktop Publishing course - InDesign.

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