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Sculpture From The Life Model

This classes focuses on working for several weeks to build and complete a sculpture from a life model. Choose to work on a full figure or portrait in terracotta, direct plaster or other processes. Accessible to all people regardless of age and ability and aimed particularly at those with an interest in working with the human form as a focus.

Who is this course for

Accessible to all people regardless of age and ability and aimed particularly at those with an interest in working with the human form as a focus.

What does this course cover

We have two sittings with the model for 4 sessions per term.
At the end and in the middle one session is used for hollowing and exploring finishing techniques.

You can expect to produce 2 finished pieces of sculpture per term.

The Tutor will aim to divide time evenly and fairly among all the students in the class.

The course will be taught through demonstration, practice and discussion with emphasis on sound and careful technique to ensure strong and successful end results.

A sketch book/ notebook will be a great asset in the process of self assessment. In a class of mixed abilities and projects, the tuition is more often than not one-to-one. More experienced students will be encouraged to help and advise the less experienced whenever possible.

Students will be encouraged to analyse, interpret, appraise and evaluate their own work. This may happen in group discussion or individual consultation with the tutor or fellow students - the assessment will be adapted to individual needs as appropriate. It is essential that students keep a detailed record or account of all their work to help with the assessment process.

What will it be like

Verbal feedback is given throughout classes on a one to one basis to help you develop technical and aesthetic processes. The tutor may also work alongside the students in order to demonstrate modelling techniques.
At the end of the class we may discuss the projects as a group. Verbal feedback will be given by the tutor.

What else do you need to buy or do

Basic materials such as clay and plaster are provided by the Centre.
You may need to buy some tools or additional materials of your choosing.

You will be allowed two pieces of sculpture per term free. Beyond that there may be some additional charges for firing if you work on a very large scale. Space is limited, so works can't be too large and there is a 7kg weight restriction.

What this course could lead to

Other Mary Ward Centre courses in sculpture including, Thinking and Making, Experimental Sculpture, Develop your Practice in Sculpture. The Foundation and Pre-foundation courses, Advanced Creative Practice. Other life classes.

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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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