Yoga And Pranayama

Breathing is something we do every day of our lives, yet many people are unaware of how their breathing can influence their well-being and state of mind. During this course we will combine breath awareness with yoga postures (asanas) to help deepen your yoga practice and, as the course progresses, learn about specific yogic techniques to manipulate the breath (pranayama).

Who is this course for

No knowledge of pranayama is required but it would be useful for students to have some experience of practising basic yoga postures

What does this course cover

Initially students will combine yoga practice (asanas) with breath awareness. As the course progresses and students become more aware of their natural breathing patterns, pranayama techniques will be introduced to help further enhance well-being.
By the end of the course
Students should be able to say how their breath changes in different asanas
Students should know how to practise a relaxation at home based on the breath
Students should be able to say what pranayama is
Students should be able to confidently practise at least two pranayama techniques at a basic level

What will it be like

A mainly practical course, following the teacher's demonstrations and instructions. However, there will also be some mini lectures and opportunities to ask questions to enhance your learning.
You will be asked to self-assess as to how confident you feel to carry out the course learning objectives at the start and end of the course. The teacher will also ask for feedback as to how you feel you are progressing during the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

Wear loose comfortable clothing that does not restrict movements. No jeans or belts. You will be encouraged to practise barefoot. You are welcome to bring your own mat instead of using the mats that are provided. It is advisable not to eat 2 hours prior to coming to class.

What this course could lead to

After this course you might like to continue to learn new pranayama techniques or to deepen your practice of the techniques you have learnt this term.

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