ESOL Classes

At the Mary Ward Centre we offer many ESOL courses for people at different levels.

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ESOL E1 Beginners

This level is for people who can speak, read and write a few words in English but nothing more! On the course, you will learn a lot of new words and simple grammar to help you ask and answer questions, talk and write about yourself, family and friends, and read some letters, emails and forms.

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At this level, you feel quite confident about your English. You can go to shops, travel, have conversations about everyday topics, read simple newspaper articles and write letters and emails. But you still cannot speak or read about anything complicated and you make quite a lot of mistakes.

On this course, you will practice your vocabulary and grammar so you can understand people better, talk about most everyday topics, write an interesting letter or email and make fewer mistakes.

ESOL Intermediate (Level 1)

This is the level at which you start to be a competent English speaker and writer. You can now communicate quite easily in your daily life especially in practical issues. But you need to develop your language to talk and write about more complicated subjects and to help you with your work.

On this course, you will focus on reading more challenging texts and writing about them. You will learn how to make a presentation, write formally and informally, and by the end of the course you will understand and use accurately the most common English grammar.

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Get Grammer (L1-L2)

Do you know when to use present perfect continuous rather than present perfect simple? Have you learned so much grammar you have become confused? Do you find using the correct grammar in your writing particularly difficult? This course will clarify English grammar and help you use it to say and write what you mean.