Fitness Courses









The Mary Ward Centre have tailored courses to suit those who want a quick fix during the day, lunchtime or after work. We have introduced New Strength & Body Conditioning as well as Fighting Fit this year, try fun and energetic Zumba or perhaps take a gentler option such as Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates.

Benefit from the skill and expertise of an experienced personal trainer without the expensive gym fees! These courses will help you learn how to improve and maintain your strength and fitness, counteracting the effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Strength & Body Conditioning

Fighting Fit

Classes combine physical and mental practices which promote relaxation and inner awareness, as well as strength, balance and flexibility.


Tai Chi and Chi Kung are ancient Chinese martial arts that bring about personal transformation through movement, breath and meditation. The classes are based around gentle, rhythmic movements, and are suitable for all levels of
experience. Enhancing your vitality and well-being, the exercises are beneficial for the beginner and will work on a deeper level for those with more experience.

Tai Chi

Pilates is a holistic system of exercise that helps improve posture, core strength and flexibility through controlled movement and use of the breath.