Flex and Strengthen

Course Code SL31 
Tutor Debra Trayner
Tuesdays, for 11 weeks
19/05/20 – 28/07/20
Full fee £40, Conc. fee £18

Want to build up or maintain your strength and flexibility? Using breath, core exercises, yoga poses and stretching we will work on flexibility, and building muscle tone to stretch and strengthen your body. Taught in a friendly and fun environment.

Who is this course for

Gently challenging exercises suitable for beginners or people in generally ok health .

Students will build strength, flexibility, alignment, breathing and posture and will improve and maintain general fitness. If you have specific injuries or health problems please get advice from a medical practitioner before enrolling.

You will need to be able to follow verbal instructions, observe and copy physical movements and use spatial awareness within a group. Students should have a good level of fitness to do this course. if in doubt, please seek medical advice before enrolling on the course.

What does this course cover

The class starts with gentle movement to warm up the joints & stretch out the limbs. This increases flexibility and helps avoids injury. We then build up to a series of postures focusing on the core muscles to build up core strength.

We cover exercises that are carried out standing, seated, kneeling and lying down (on our backs or front). Where helpful, appropriate alternatives to poses are offered.

What will it be like

The teacher demonstrates exercises as well as giving instructions and verbal cues. Props are available and advice offered to assist and support alignment. Progress will be monitored visually and verbal feedback will given throughout the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

Students should wear loose comfortable clothing and should avoid eating a heavy meal before class. Pilates/yoga mats are provided. Pilates mats are thicker if you need extra padding for kneeling postures. However students are welcome to bring their own. Blocks and belts are also provided.
Drinking Water; Students wishing to have water in the studio should bring a bottle, as the fountain there is designed for bottle filling only.
Exercising at least 2/3 times a week will be beneficial to your progress.

What this course could lead to

Continue on this course or Pilates, Yoga, or the other Strength and Fitness courses. Tutor can also advise.