From Philosophy to Yoga. We have a course for you.

Philosophy for Beginners Part 1

Philosophy For Beginners Part 2

Explore some of the most important ideas, themes and thinkers in the history of Western philosophy. Learn about some of the central problems of philosophy, and how to puzzle them our for yourselves.

NEW: Kant and Critical Philosophy

Throughout his career Deleuze was remarkably consistent in seeking to establish and then develop a form of thought founded on an ontology in which difference-in-itself was primary. We will explore the nature of this ontology in detail before going on to examine how Deleuze sought to apply this perspective through his theoretical interventions in culture, politics and science.

New: Advanced European Philosophy

This year we will turn our attention to the philosophical development of Marxism in 20th century European thought as produced by the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory. Beginning with some early Marx, we will focus our studies on the work of Horkheimer and Adorno, Benjamin, Gramsci, Marcuse and Habermas. The significance of history and politics to philosophy will be emphasised. Our search will be collaborative and contributive for those interested in philosophical probllems.

NEW:Hegel and the Idea of the Dialectic

Social psychology is the study of how a persons thoughts, feelings and behaviour are affected by others. On this course we will look at a number of issues including how groups and group dynamics affect behaviour, why people obey and disobey, why people conform to the group expectations (and what happens when they dont) and whether aggression is learnt from those around us.

Gentle Yoga And Meditation

A gentle class accessible for all, to improve posture, balance, strength and flexibility, and calm the mind. The class includes a long guided relaxation period, pranayama (breath control practices) gentle asanas (postures) and concentration/meditation techniques.

Yoga: Back To Basics

Learn to elevate your yoga practice by cultivating greater body awareness and attuning your postures. A focus on healthy alignment and an introduction to breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation will build endurance and physical fitness as well as cultivate greater clarity and calm.

Suitable for beginners who want to deepen their practice and more experienced practitioners who want to get back to basics.

Yoga Lunchtime

This class will energise your body as well as calm and centre your mind. After a busy morning you can enjoy an hour of yoga to revitalise you for the rest of the day. The class includes a variety of asanas (postures) to stretch and strengthen your body, as well as a short relaxation and breathing meditation.

Hatha Yoga,Pranayama,Meditation

Increase your body awareness and posture, improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and quality of breathing. Practice relaxation to help you reduce feelings of stress in daily life. Suitable for beginners and experienced students. Includes guided relaxation, breathing practices, sun salutation, classic yoga postures and concentration/ meditation techniques.