Get to know the tutors

Tim Norris

Tim specialises in large-scale outdoor Sculptural works, his work draws its inspiration from the surrounding landscape and where possible uses indigenous natural materials, in combination with recycled or engineered parts. Tim has run a wide range of workshops in many different settings. Working on site with groups, constructing large sculptures to running one-day workshops in schools and Community centres.

Tim is teaching:

Wood Sculpture Online

Tim Cunliffe

Tim Cunliffe has been a practising glass artist and sculptor for over 30 years and has taught in adult education for 25 years. He creates stained glass for both domestic and public spaces and has completed out a range of commissions and exhibitions in the UK and Europe.

Tim is teaching:

Painted & Stained Glass History And Design – ONLINE

Stained Glass & Mosaic History And Design – ONLINE

Linda Newcombe

Linda Newcombe is an artist, printmaker and illustrator. She gained a Degree at Central St Martins in the 90s and a Masters at Falmouth University in 2018. Her specialism is printmaking and she uses it as a basis for all of her work. Linda has taught in colleges and universities for over 20 years and started teaching the printmaking courses at Mary Ward in 2013.

Linda is teaching:

Printmaking At Home – Gel Printing Online

Printmaking At Home – Lino Print Projects Online

New: Preparing for Printmaking Online

Caroline Qu

Caroline Qu ( artist name Caroline Deane) has been teaching life drawing at Mary Ward Centre since 1987. She is a practicing artist based both here in London and at her studio on Dartmoor. She is very much an east meets west kind of artist as she spent part of her art education in China, and her work subsequently is heavily influenced around Eastern Taoist philosophies as well as traditional western approaches.

Caroline is teaching:

New : Life Drawing in Lock Down Beginners

Life Drawing on Zoom

Sue Collard

Following a career as a qualified Youth and Community Development Worker, Sue Collard returned to full-time education and graduated with a BA in Community Art from Middlesex University. She worked as a Community Artist before taking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at London Southbank University.

After teaching in schools for many years, Sue left teaching and enrolled as a student at Mary Ward. She has been teaching here ever since, teaching Product Design using Photoshop, Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Hand Embroidery, and many different Crafts.

Annette Bugansky

Born into a family of couture tailors, dressmakers and milliners, Your tutor Annette grew up in Soho in London. Whilst studying Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion in 1981, she worked on costumes for theatre including the Scottish Ballet and the English National Opera. After graduating she joined the Jean Muir Fashion House in Mayfair and later went on to work at the BBC as a Dressmaker and then Head Tailor before setting up her own couture design business specialising in wedding, evening and costume wear as a freelance designer/maker.

She returned to further her studies at Central Saint Martins and in 2005 and after finishing her MA, she started up her studio at Cockpit Arts. As an award winning British ceramic designer she produces fresh yet timeless collections of contemporary vessels, lighting and wall art, all starting from her very own textile structures. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK and Europe and has been featured in books and magazines both at home and internationally.

Her work brings together ceramics with traditional clothes pattern drafting techniques, experimental stitch, crochet and embroidery.

Annette now juggles her time between family, her teaching and running her own design business.

Annette is teaching:

Sewing Machine Masterclass Online

New: Sewing Easy Unisex Overshirt Online

New: Making Decorative Cushions Online

Abigail Downer

Abigail’s practice and approach to Art and Design is wide ranging. Trained as a sculptor at Newcastle University in the 1980′s before working on private and public realm commissions nationally. She has always been a colourist and a draughtswoman – earliest memories – copying her father’s drawings in detail. Teaching has always been a part of her professional practice and her knowledge and creative use of 2d and 3d materials is inspiring. More recent works and creative practice can be viewed at

Abigail is teaching:

Drawing Online

Painting: Colour – Online

Lara Hailey
Lara Hailey is a textile artist and educator. She studied at Goldsmiths college and has taught at a number of London colleges, galleries and museums. She has exhibits her work throughout the UK and has recently been selected for a residency in New York.

Lara is teaching:

Theo Papadopoulos

Theo is teaching:

History of Art: Prehistory to the 19th Century Online 

History of Art: Modern Art Online 

Life Drawing and Painting

Emma Weir

Emma is a Fellow of the International Dance Teachers’ Association and trains students in a range of social dance styles from beginners to professionals. Recent students have had the opportunity to dance at local events such as Queen Square Fair (pictured) but there’s no pressure to perform and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. Emma’s classes are fun and inclusive – and her popular Zoom taster classes in the summer proved that they work very well online too.

Dr Ben Pestell

Dr Ben Pestell has a decade’s experience teaching courses in mythology and literature. He focuses particularly on Ancient Greek tragedy and epic, comparative readings of international myths, and the role of myth in contemporary literature – especially in ‘psychogeography’. He has two main aims in teaching ancient texts. The first is to understand the origins: where did the story come from? who wrote it down? what purpose did it serve? how has it been preserved? The second is to discuss with his students why these ancient stories, images, ideas and symbols still speak to people today. He believes that understanding myth makes us more aware of the power that stories have over our daily lives – stories that can be nourishing and empowering, or stories that can be coercive and enfeebling. Understanding myth helps us see this power at work. It also provides an opportunity to read some of the most incredible stories ever told: myths that are at once baffling and meaningful, tragic and hilarious, brutal and humane, strange and familiar.

Debra Traynar

Debra (@yogadebralondon) has been developing her healing, nurturing style of yoga for the last 15 years.

She draws on her in-depth experience as a practitioner and yoga teacher to unpick the problems caused by busy lives and long hours crouched over screens, helping students build up flexibility, resilience and strength. Debra takes great care to offer adjustments and alternative poses to ensure that her classes are genuinely accessible. She also stresses the importance of balancing movement with re-vitalising relaxation poses.

Debra is also one of the small number of Menopause Yoga specialists currently teaching in the UK. Prior to discovering yoga, Debra worked for more than a decade as a web designer at BBC Online.

Cecilia Forssberg

Cecilia Forssberg grew up in Stockholm, Sweden where she attended one of Sweden’s finest music colleges, Stockholms Musik Gymnaisum, specialising in choral singing. Before moving to London she spent many years working at youth camps, working with young people and setting up theatre and music productions. Cecilia has been teaching at Mary Ward since 2018 and runs a variety of music groups and classes for the college.

Cecilia is teaching:

Singing for Beginners Online

Singing for Improvers Online

Helena Roden

Helena Roden, is an experienced art tutor who has taught classes in MWC and in community settings across London. Her art practice is in sculpture for large-scale public art commissions; you can find her colourful works in parks, housing developments and underpasses from Canning Town to Richmond. Her strengths are an enthusiasm for geometry, botany and the use of materials.

Helena is teaching:

Geometric Art and pattern Online

New: Create a paper houseplant Online

Sarah Pager

Sarah Pager is a sculptor who has exhibited widely throughout the UK and Europe, as well as showing in Moscow and the US, and has been shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards including the Red Mansion Art Prize in 2011, the Clifford Chance Sculpture Prize and the Zabludowitz Collection’s Future Map in 2010 and Charlie Smith Anthology 2016. Recently, Pager completed a residency at Florence Trust, and held her first European solo show in Brussels.

Sarah is teaching:

Sculpture: Assemblage

Anthony Palmer

Anthony Palmer has been teaching photography at the Mary Ward Centre since 2019 and working as an educator since completing the MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2013.

Anthony is teaching:

Photography Studies 

PHOTOGRAPHY – Digital Saturdays


New: Lockdown Photography Online

New: From iPad to Instagram Online

Lucie Winterson

Lucie Winterson has taught watercolour at the Mary Ward Centre for over 20 years. She is an artist and PhD researcher at the University of the Arts, London.

Lucie is teaching: Contemporary Watercolour

Yun Hee

Yun Hee Culleton (Uni) is a jewellery tutor, specialising in metal, silver clay and beading with wire work. She holds an MA in Silversmithing & Jewellery at London Guildhall University, a 1st class degree in Fine Art and a City & Guild advanced qualification. She teaches Arts & Crafts at various adult education colleges and specialises in metal Jewellery design and crafts.

Yun is teaching: Jewellery Design Online

Helen Maurer

Helen Maurer is a visual artist who works with glass and light, with a keen interest in poetry and sound, she sees ‘Around the Houses’ as an opportunity to bring these different areas together.

Helen is teaching: Making Art On Your Doorstep

Anna Robertson

Anna Robertson is a practising printmaker and mixed media artist who also runs the collage and mixed media class at the Mary Ward Centre. Anna has been teaching art for many years in Schools and Colleges.

Anna is teaching:

Surrealist Collage Online

Collage and Mixed media – online

Ben Swift

As a practising sculptor, working across disciplines from the figurative to the found object, and using techniques from ceramics to metals and beyond, I enjoy sharing, with students, the excitement of making sculpture.

Ben is teaching:

Sculpture: Online

Lourdes Pareja

Lourdes is teaching:

New: Easy eye-catching colour Knitting Online

New: Essential skills for beginner knitters Online