Jewellery Courses

Choose from a range of courses to develop skills in making jewellery using traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials.


Jewellery making: Absolute beginners

This jewellery course gives beginners a chance to try out creating jewellery in a range of different styles and mediums before moving on to more specialised jewellery courses.

Try out working with beads, with wire, with silver clay and with traditional metal jewellery making techniques and start to learn about jewellery design and best studio practice through a range of set projects, making your own rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Wirework Jewellery 

Create jewellery and small objects using wire-working techniques. Ideal for beginners or those with some jewellery experience wishing to learn a new skill. Come and join us to learn in this supportive and friendly environment.

Resin Jewellery Intermediate 

Using the skills from the beginners course students can further experiment with resin to expand their knowledge and use the material to make more elaborate pieces of jewellery.

Resin Jewellery

Using the skills from the beginners course students can further experiment with resin to expand their knowledge and use the material to make more elaborate pieces of jewellery.

Silver Clay Adding Stones And Colour

Expand your existing silver clay skills by creating unique silver jewellery involving setting stones in different ways and adding colour with patinas and resin.

We will work through projects; embedding fireable ceramic or glass elements into designs, making and embedding bezels to set non-fireable gemstones into a clay design as well as using resin to add coloured highlights to surfaces – although these are set projects there will be flexibility to ensure students’ own design ideas are incorporated.

Enamelling techniques 

Learn a range of techniques and processes for creating enamelled jewellery and other small objects. Students will learn a range of enamelling techniques and how to prepare metal for enamelling. Students will learn several different surface texturing techniques such as hammer texture, use of rolling mills and the use of pendant drill to texture and drill. All levels welcome – suitable for complete beginners.

Silver Jewellery Workshop 

The ‘Silver Jewellery Workshop’ provides an opportunity for students to come along to create their own jewellery under the tuition of experienced jeweller Sally Lees. Students will benefit from Sally’s extensive knowledge of jewellery making including her skills in jewellery making techniques using aluminium, silver, brass and copper to complete projects and start new ones. Beginners are welcome to come along and projects will be set to start students off on their exciting journey making beautiful jewellery. Students can bring their own silver or use the silver making techniques on copper or brass that is provided. Advanced students can bring their projects from previous classes to complete with close guidance and advice from Sally.

Beautiful beading 

Learn a range of techniques and designs to make your own beaded jewellery. Each term will have a mix of different projects and students will be encouraged to create a variety of different styles of bead jewellery.

Each term will include bead stringing – learning to make gorgeous necklaces or bracelets and securely finish the ends and add a clasp, as well as looking at other varied skills including using wire or chain to connect bead elements in different ways, using cords in macramé or Kumihimo (braiding) designs and stitched beadwork – using needle and thread to create intricate bead woven designs.

Each term will offer a new series of set projects where students will be able to learn and practice a range of techniques, and beginners are welcome to join the course in any term