Les Francais des Curiosites

Course Code SL19
Tutor Isabelle Begeron
Thursdays, for 10 weeks
21/05/20 – 30/07/20
Full fee £99, Conc fee £43

Vous avez une solide base voire une certaine aisance en français et vous voulez participer à
des activités linguistiques et culturelles, venez découvrir et pratiquer le français autrement. Grâce
à des anecdotes et des histoires insolites et mystérieuses, vous accéderez à la culture et à la
civilisation francophones par la petite porte.

Who is this course for

This course is intended for students who already have an intermediate to advanced level in French.
Students entering at this level should be able to understand and communicate effectively, though not necessarily accurately, in French. It is likely that students will have studied 3 years of French recently as a minimum (CEFR Level B1 or B2).

What does this course cover

In this course, learners will be exposed to stimulating and unusual topics to discover the language from a different perspective in order to develop and consolidate all language skills: reading and writing, listening and speaking.

What will it be like

There will be small group work, pair work, whole group discussion and debate, games, presentations, video, audio and use of internet.
We assess your learning in order to recognise and record your progress and achievement (RARPA).

What else do you need to buy or do

A ring-binder or file to put your notes in. Materials will be provided by the tutor. There is no specific textbook for this course.
You will be given homework to revise your learning and to prepare for the next lesson. It is expected that you do regular self study to further your language learning. You should ideally spend some time every day practising the language. Independent work will be encouraged as well as presentations (by students) integrated into the course.

What this course could lead to

Tutor to advise