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Queens Coffee have come to Mary Ward

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  • By Suzanna Jackson
  • September 22, 2022

Queens Coffee have come to Mary WardMany of you will have already come to know the friendly folk who run the ‘Queens Coffee ‘ Coffee stall in Queen Square. We are really pleased to announce that they have agreed to run our café at 42 Queen Square for this final year.

The café will remain vegetarian and will offer a range drinks, Salad boxes, sandwiches and as goes without saying cake.  They are happy to hear suggestions and already developing their offer based on the feedback.

Queens Coffee have come to Mary Ward

As most of you will know we were not expecting to be at Queen Square this year and so unfortunately, they are not going to be able to provide a full hot meal menu as we can no longer provide the facilities to do so. There will be some hot option available like toasties, soup and more as we progress into Autumn.

I am sure you are as pleased as me that we have a café so let give a very warm welcome to Sharon Katie and Chris. They are already looking at home behind the counter!