Pre Foundation Art & Design Expo August 2021​

16 Sep 2021

Pre Foundation Art & Design Expo August 2021
A bite size selection of work from the last academic year – when the Pre Foundation students and tutors travelled creatively through the pandemic. 
The course brings together a range of disciplines from 2d to 3d. 
The focus is the creative process and how each student can develop their visual communication. 
Course leader: Abigail Downer. Supporting tutors: Zoe Dutton-Hewett, Ben Swift. 

Claire Callow, Kathryn Clinkscales, Layne Comarasawmy, Susan Frost, Suzanne IllidgeBekim MorinaShara O’Brien, Alice PriestlandAnarkali Sharpe, Barbara Taylor.

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1 CLAIRE CALLOW. Title: Princess and the Pea. Acrylic on paper A3. For me, this fairy tale is about extreme sensitivity, as the character can detect a pea under multiple mattresses. I have used loose, expressive brush marks to illustrate her state of mind.

2. CLAIRE CALLOW. Title: Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Mixed media on paper. Approx. A2. Here, I have brought together our work on still-life, portraits and tonal contrasts. It alludes to the movement between childhood and adulthood, and between fantasy and reality.

3. CLAIRE CALLOW. Title: The Golden Teapot. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas A3. This silhouette depicts a modern version of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I hope to work on a series of these, for each of the different fairy tales that I have been working on.

4. KATHYRN CLINKSCALES. Title: Porthole to the Past. Collagraph – Skeleton leaves, paper, ink. Again, my work comes through and I don't know what it is until it is finished. Thank you Abigail for seeing it before I did.

 5. KATHRYN CLINKSCALES. Title: Still Life Presence. The Genie in the Bottle. Charcoal, pastel on sugar paper.

6. KATHRYN CLINKSCALES. Title: Wings of Creativity. Clay, plaster, metal, Acrylic paint. I had to not think but just create. I learned what it was after I had finished the piece. Not bad for the hands and mind’s eye working together.

7. LAYNE COMARASAWMY. Title: Looking through to Rothko​ Mixed Media Acrylic Paint and Bamboo Skewers

8. LAYNE COMARASAWMY. Title: Flotsam and Jetsam Series. Mixed Media: Acrylic Paint and Collage

9.LAYNE COMARASAWMY. Title: Altered States. Mixed Media: Clay, Plaster and Acrylic Paint

10. SUSAN FROST. Untitled. Sellotape and thread sculpture. Inspired by the work of Kara Walker.

11. SUSAN FROST. Title: Shoreline. Felting, textile construction.

12. SUSAN FROST. Title: Shoreline. Reminded of distant travels and times past. Collagraph print. Each inking I worked with a new limited colour palette.

13. SUZANNE ILLIDGE. Title: Work in Progress. Multiple layers of drawing.

14. BEKIMMORINA. Title: Effigy. Acrylic on Cartridge Paper. 

15. BEKIM MORINA. Title: Flotsam & Jetsam/Last Sequence. Mixed Media: Acrylics, Ink and Pastel on Bread and Butter Paper.

16. BEKIM MORINA. Title: Shoreline. Textile print/painting inspired by the Thames riverside at Greenwich.

17. SHARA O’BRIEN. Title: Whose Soles? Response to the work of Sonia Delauney. Inspired by her use of colour and form. In the process I notice that the composition relates to previous work that I have made.

18. SHARA O’BRIEN. Title: Altered State. Plaster relief and Acrylic. Response to tactile form. In the making process the piece has moved below the waves and became an inspiration for work in felt.

19. ALICE PRIESTLAND. Title: Emerging colours. Medium: Acrylic on paper. We did this project near the beginning of the course, looking at warm and cook colours. I really enjoyed seeing how these interacted by cutting through one picture to another, and experimenting with revealing parts of an image. I was able to use this technique later in the course to help people journey through my work.

20 ALICE PRIESTLAND. Title: The appanages of the sea. Medium: Felting - Wool, cotton, silk and cotton threads. In this work I began exploring the sea as a privilege - something I would like to look at further. I wanted to portray the sea as something mysterious and changeable, but also delicate and beautiful, and I think being able to see it in this way is a privilege. This piece also shoes the way things can be hidden in and by the sea-the secrets it holds.

21. ALICE PRIESTLAND. Title: Caprice. Medium: Mixed media collagraph, ink on paper. This piece reflects on the meeting of the man-made and the natural at the coastal shoreline, and in particular decaying man-made structures, like old piers. I hope it conveys a sense of unease at the power of the sea.

22. ANARKALI SHARPE. Title: Defences. Tidal River Defences at Curry Sark Greenwich. The patterns, forms and shapes where my inspiration for this piece. Needle Acrylic Felt / Chain Mail

23. ANARKALI SHARPE. Title: Altered State. Plaster relief and Acrylic. A response to the theme Change and Transformation and tactile forms. Circular motifs and flowing lines seem to be a common motif in my work.

24. ANARKALI SHARPE. Title: Flotsam & Jetsam - Shoreline. One of a series of three images that echo the source - head phones and the dub beat – but also speak of coastlines/tidal flows/distant shores.

25. BARBARA TAYLOR. Title: Response to Shoreline Theme. Focusing on the work of Van Gogh and breaking the boundaries between confinement and freedom. Mixed media approach, including plaster casting, acrylic, collage and felt making.

26. BARBARA TAYLOR. Title: Van Gogh, a portrait. Pen and ink and collagraph print.

27. BARBARA TAYLOR. Title: Starry Night in response to Van Gogh. Mixed media. The theme of Shoreline in relation to the “change and transformation” present as images are created. There is a deep correlation with my own ongoing transition to being an artist. I have been thinking about the search for self-validation Van Gogh experienced within the boundaries of his mental health and his creative skills.