Photography And Digital Media Courses

Develop digital fluency and improve your career skills. Technology now is as commonplace in everyday lives, as it is in most jobs. While employers are looking for new recruits to be digitally literate you also need these skills to operate your smart phone and update your social media profile. We offer the courses you need to either help you find the job you want or tame your hand held device.


Photography – DSLR Introduction

A short course to introduce you to the technical and creative use of a DSLR camera. Take the camera off automatic and learn about exposure, depth of field, aperture, shutter control, ISO and white balance. Bring your camera to each session or if you do not have your own the college has a limited number of cameras but you will need to book one.


Photography – Digital Saturdays

Once you know the basics here is a chance for you to set aside time to learn the practical and creative side of the DSLR camera. Create a portfolio of work as you increase your knowledge of digital photography week by week. Learn from others and also share your experiences behind the lens.

New : Photographing Your Artwork For Promotion And Social Media

A short course to introduce artists and designers to the technical and creative use of a DSLR camera to help promote their work. You will learn how to take basic images and then how to format them for use on different platforms. Bring your camera to each session or if you do not have your own the college has a limited number of cameras but you will need to book one.

Photoshop: From the Start

A chance to gain full understanding of Photoshop on a long course. The essential features that you will require for photograph, image and scanned image manipulation. You will learn about image selection tools, blending, modes, layers and layer effects, groups, patterns, styles, vector objects, adding text, clipping, masks and filters, history panel, history brush and snapshots. More advanced topics are also introduced including channels, paths, tools e.g. extract, liquify and customised brushes.

New : Photoshop: Intermediate

Following on from the previous course you will develop further ways of manipulating images using the more advanced aspects of; Masks, filters, gradients, layers, blending modes and adjustment layers. It will show you how to create incredible text effects combining channels, filters and layers. Using the more advanced selection tools such as the magnetic lasso, colour range and the channels it will show you how to select anything perfectly for manipulation. You will also learn how to create a stunning poster with impressive text effects and create and apply your own brush.

New: Photoshop: Masterclass

These full day Masterclasses are for experienced Photoshop users to refine their skills and explore advanced features of the programme with a knowledgeable and experienced tutor. Bring a project to work on or follow set tasks.

New: Illustrator – Stage 2

Stage 2 is planned for those who either attended the first stage or have previous experience. Learn more advanced areas of this software used for graphic illustration, drawing, typesetting and logo graphic areas of design. It is a course of special interest to those interested in graphic design, website development or video and animation production.

Introduction To WordPress

WordPress is the world’s best and most popular website builder and is used to create and set up a site, this course takes you from scratch through the basics, including useful features and tools WordPress offers. Students may be new to WordPress/blogging but will need to already have basic computing skills and experience of using a web browser, internet and email on a PC.

WordPress For Web Design

Learn how to use this open source software (free to download) to create websites, blogs or apps. This course is designed for students who have completed the introductory course or have some knowledge of WordPress. It is not a beginner’s course and students need to be computer literate and used to working with Windows.

New : HTML For Web Design Introduction

Learn basics of the languages used to create web pages and create a simple website. This course will teach you how to structure a page with HTML, add images, text and link pages together. You will also learn to control the appearance of web pages using CSS to set text, colours, margins and more. This course is suitable for students who have experience in computing and working on a PC, and also students who want to update the content on an existing website.