Weekend Courses

Don’t have time to do a course during the week because you work or have family commitments? Try a short weekend course this term.

Building Confidence Through Improvisation

Do you suffer from anxiety or low self-esteem? Perhaps you have a habit of being self-critical or you lack confidence. This two-day course uses improvisation to boost self-esteem and confidence and will help you to feel more positive both outwardly and inside. Expect lots of tricks and tips on how to feel and be more outgoing, charismatic and generally positive.

Positive Psychology And Happiness

Happiness is so important but can seem fleeting. Why is that? On this one-day session we will be looking behind the smiles to the science of happiness, wellbeing and flourishing. The course is hands on and you will be measuring your own happiness and using our tried and tested methods to increase your wellbeing.


Embroidery: Scrumptious Stitch:

Create rich and exciting surfaces using a range of textural stitches.

Techniques such as bonding and layering of fabric will be used to create a rich surface upon which to work. From the stitched textile collection produced during the day, a small bag or purse could be made or the piece may be framed.

1.Develop and work samples of stitches to produce a rich collection of fabrics.
2.Use materials, bonding and layering techniques creatively
3.Understand basic colour theory and its importance to stitched textiles
4.Have evaluative skills in relation to their own and others’ work

Introduction To Sculpture

New weekend course to introduce students to working in our sculpture studio and in 3 dimensions. Find out more about what we do, which materials we use and what you can study, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Introduction To Felt Making

This course is aimed at beginners. A weekend workshop which will teach you a range of exciting and fun felt making skills and techniques.

Life Drawing Weekend

Spend a day brushing up on your life drawing skills with a mix of short and longer poses designed to challenge and engage.

In this one day life drawing workshop, we will be working from a model creating setups and poses with references to art history, taking inspiration and applying principles of the past towards a modern approach. We will look at how artists have influenced and energised each other, how ‘rules’, movements and philosophies can inspire variations and responses- and how we can use different strategies to create our own interpretations of the model.

Sewing Machine Masterclasses

Spend a day brushing up on advanced sewing techniques and elements of garment construction. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students who want to spend a day focusing on specialist areas.

Masterclass 1 – 20/10/2018 – Zips – centred, lapped and concealed
Masterclass 2 – 03/11/2018 – Darts, Tucks, Pleats and Gathers
Masterclass 3 – 16/02/2019 – Waistbands – Straight, shaped and elastic
Masterclass 4 – 16/03/2019 – Facings, interfacing, interlinings and linings
Masterclass 5 – 18/052019 – Pockets – patch, in seam, side and welt
Masterclass 6 – 06/07/2019 – Sleeves – eased, gathered and shirt

Sculpting And Constructing From Life

This short course focuses on developing sculptures from 2D & 3D sketches. Evolve your ideas through drawing and sculpting from life for the first week to develop your work in 3 dimensions in the second week.

Glass Painting Weekend

This two day course will give those who are new to kiln fired glass painting an opportunity to explore this ancient craft and produce small painted glass pieces that can be displayed against light. Those who have some experience of glass painting can explore more ambitious projects.

Painting Flowers In Watercolour

Inspired by bouquets of colourful blooms and working with watercolour inks we will work broadly – wet on wet, to produce large rich flower paintings. We will learn to control the inks as well as to allow for the natural spontaneity that will flow from the use of the media.

Weekend Crafts

This is a series of one-day workshops for Absolute Beginners – people with little or no experience of crafting – where you can learn a new skill in a supportive atmosphere. You can take any one of these independently or take all three.

In the March 28th workshop you will learn how to create a Marbling effect on paper.a.
In the July 11th workshop we will be decorating plant pots for your home using collage and paint. .

Intro To Sustainable Sculpture

Introduction to sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques and concepts for making sculpture through the inherent beauty of natural materials.

A new workshop exploring ways to make and finish pieces of sculpture using techniques and materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.
This course is accessible to all people regardless of age or level of experience.

Life Drawing: Composition

This is a two day workshop that allows students of all abilities to think about ways to draw the model as a part of a larger composition.

This class is for all levels of ability. It will allow beginners to think about fundamental ideas such as how to place a figure within a space, and advanced students will be able to experiment with design ideas that will hopefully push their work into having more compositional power.

Silver Clay Jewellery: Bead Making 

This one day course will introduce students with some experience with silver clay, to using this material to create 3D bead forms.

Students will work through two set projects – creating a beautiful silver lentil style beads as well as small spacer type beads – learning how to form a hollow 3D shape, to join it, add decoration and how to fire it – although these are set projects there will be flexibility to ensure students’ own design ideas can be used.


Native American Back Massage

This course focuses on a specific back massage routine that is used by Native Americans to encourage the body to release stagnant energy and toxins with the help of herbal infused oils. A simple hands-on healing technique will also be included to encourage mental relaxation.


First Steps In Ballroom Dance

From Foxtrot to Waltz, Rumba to Jive, this class gives you the opportunity to experience ballroom and Latin dance. Devised for beginners, this course will support you in your first steps giving you the individual attention required within a group setting. No dance experience necessary.

Ballroom Dancing

An introduction to ballroom and Latin dance for those who cannot attend a weekly course or who would just like to try the basics. Covering the basic step and a few simple variations in both the Waltz and Cha Cha Cha, this one day course will give you just enough to get you started with social dancing.

Swing, Jive And Stroll

If you have always wanted to try ballroom and Latin dance or perhaps you have a wedding or holiday coming up where you’ll get the chance to try out your moves for the first time, this short introductory course is perfect for you. Covering the basic step and a few simple variations in the Waltz, Social Foxtrot and Cha Cha Cha, this short course will give you just enough to get you started with social dancing and feel comfortable out on the floor.


Outer And Inner Journeys: Therapeutic Writing 

Our decisions to start any journey involves thought and contemplation. Using poetry and therapeutic writing you will embark on a journey of self- discovery to find your unique voice. This is a practical and experiential course that is open to anyone, at any level. It is for both personal and professional development. It will be of interest to anyone who enjoys writing or journaling.