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General Data Protection Regualtions (GDPR)

The law governing data protection was significantly updated in May 2018, following the implementation of the Data Protection Act (2018). This legislation brought in to effect the General data Protection Regulations (commonly referred to as GDPR).

Mary Ward is committed to meeting the requirements set out in the new regulations and want to ensure that the personal data of students, staff and others who work with us, is only collected because we need it, is kept safely, is not shared with anyone who should not see it and is disposed of when we no longer need it.

The Mary Ward Settlement Data and Records Management Policy includes more information about data protection and you can see a copy by clicking here

There is also plenty of information about data protection and GDPR on the Information Commissioner’s web-site. This can be accessed by clicking here.

Student related Privacy Notices

One of the important new requirements is that we provide a range of information to anyone we are collecting personal data from. This information is provided in the form of a statement called a Privacy Notice. This includes the legal basis for collecting the information, what we intend to do with the information and who we share it with. We have decided to produce a number of privacy notices covering a range of specific issue, most of which relate to our students. Please click the links below in order to see those that may be of interest to you.


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