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For general enquiries you can contact us using the form below or call us on 020 7269 6000.  A list of email addresses for particular departments and/ or subject section are at the bottom of this page.

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Curriculum Managers

Professional Qualifications & Humanities
Austin Hill: austin.hill@marywardcentre.ac.uk

Essential Skills
Kirsty Barlow: kirsty.barlow@marywardcentre.ac.uk

Arts & Wellbeing
Marc Breen: marc.breen@marywardcentre.ac.uk

Curriculum Team Administrators

Contact: admin@marywardcentre.ac.uk

Debbie Yorke (Manager)debbie.yorke@marywardcentre.ac.uk

Rahul Miah: rahul.miah@marywardcentre.ac.uk

Monica Amin – monica.amin@marywardcentre.ac.uk